Why the Law of Attraction is Not Working for You

If you have been following my blog – you might already know by now why I am a big advocate of the Law of Attraction. Not only did it transform my life from rock bottom to happy, healthy, and alive – it has given me the inspiration and ability to help others. The quest to teach people how they to can transform their lives has lead me to one single roadblock: I have come to realize that most people fail and abandon the Law of Attraction due to one simple reason.

They have no clue about what it is they want in their lives.

This problem has been prevalent right from times of yore because humans have laziness and lethargy engraved within them right from a young age due to them being spoilt rotten and not having to witness any struggle which was taken care of by the parents and their life is like a Manifestation magic trick where they get everything at their disposal.

It’s very hard to attract what you want – when you have no clue about what you really want! Don’t get me wrong – most people can come up with at least 5 things they would like to change or attract into their lives – but the common problem is that they are often the wrong things. Wrong not in nature or in moral consequences – but wrong in the sense that those things are not what they really want and need to be happy. If you continue to pick goals that are not in sync with your conscious and subconscious level – you won’t really feel those goals. The single most important step in manifesting what you want with the Law of Attraction is your feelings and emotions. If you don’t feel good and feel like you already have what you want – you simple won’t attract it.

The first step in using the Law of Attraction is to figuring out exactly what it is you truly want in your life. If you are trying to attract your ideal mate – then you need to figure out what this ideal mate will be like. This is the step where most people fail. We often chose qualities to describe our ideal partner based on what we think we should have rather than what would really make us happy. For example, you might think you want someone good looking or rich perhaps. What does that really mean? What that could mean is that you want someone you are attracted to and who is financially responsible and stable. Your second step then would be to attach specific feelings to these traits. How would this person make you feel? Close your eyes and try to imagine the attraction you want to feel for this person. Imagine what financial security would feel like. Would you travel the world or simply enjoy not having debt and be worry free about finances? You see the difference in simply stating what you think you want and actually attaching some feelings to those things – thus feeling what you want?

You can’t really attach meaning to things unless you first figure out what you truly want. For every thing you want to manifest – write it down and try to decide why you want it. Do you want it because someone else feels you should have this or you want it because you believe it would truly make you happy. We often ask for things that don’t contribute much to our overall goals and desires but in fact sidetrack us. For example, you might be trying to attract money but what you really want is job satisfaction. It will be hard to attract money when you are feeling down and depressed about your current job situation. You need to first feel good and give gratitude for what you already have. To get a better job – and thus feel better about money – you need to first be grateful for your current job and the money you have right now. This will make you feel good – which in turn will give you more of those feel good feelings – by manifesting your desires.

To simplify things a bit – here is a list of steps you need to take to start manifesting today!

Write down what you want and why you want it. The why part is important because you want to be sure you are in line with your core values. i.e. Things you really want as opposed to what other people want for you. A good way to judge this is to see how you feel about each desire. Let your subconscious mind be your guide. Our subconscious mind communicates with us via our feelings and emotions.        Attach specific feelings to each desire. Once you feel that you know what you want. Attach a feeling to each desire. If you want true love. Attach feelings to how it would feel to have your true love in your life.        Take specific actions to attract what you desire. Start taking actions that are in sync with your specific desires. Make space for your true love by parking your car on one side of the garage – leaving one parking spot for him/her. Make some space in your closet for their clothes. Show the Universe you are ready to welcome your ideal partner into your home and your life.

Below please find some scenarios for attracting what you desire.

What you think you Want:


If your list includes qualities such as loving, caring, good looking, and rich.


A gorgeous, sexy body.


To be rich.


A high paying secure job.

What you really Desire:


What you really want is to be loved and cared for by someone you are attracted to and who is financially stable.


You desire to have a disease free, healthy, toned, lean, and fit body. You desire to be in good physical and emotional health.


To be debt free, and financially secure and stable.


Job satisfaction, security, and financial independence.

What you need to Feel:


Close your eyes and imagine what all these desires would feel like to you. What does being loved mean to you? Do you see yourself taking long baths or vacations with this special someone? Do you see yourself relaxed and worry free due to financial security. Start feeling all this now.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself having this ideal body. Get a health magazine and cut out a few pictures of this ideal figure and post them somewhere you can see everyday. Imagine and feel looking this good. Think good healthy thoughts instead of focusing on your weight or ill health.


Start feeling what it would be like to be debt free and have all the money you need to live your ideal life. The sky is the limit but it has to be believable for you. Don’t focus on how you will get the money. Focus on having an abundance of finances.


Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal job feels like to you. Do you want something more challenging? Or perhaps something that offers more flexibility as well as security?

What Actions you need to take:

Relationships: The Universe loves action. Action proves to the Universe that you are confident in its ability to provide you with what you desire. Join some new clubs or online networks or dating sites. Make room in your apartment by cleaning out your closet for your partner. Start sleeping on one side of the bed instead of in the middle.

Health: Start by changing just one thing about your daily diet. Remind yourself everyday about how healthy and fit you are (even if your lying right now). Praise yourself and be grateful for your good health and sexy shape. Start taking minor steps in the right direction by modifying your diet and incorporating little bursts of exercise. For every little step you take the Universe will take a leap to get you want you desire.

Finances: Stop saying things like “I can’t afford this.” Don’t focus on debt – focus on how much money you want. Take your latest bank statement and modify your balance to read however much money you desire. Make sure it is believable to you. Post this statement somewhere you can see it and feel happy and grateful for the money you have now.

Career: Write down what your ideal job would look like. Focus how it would make you feel. Start dressing and acting like you already have your dream job. Be grateful for the job you have now. Update your resume to include your dream job. Take some classes or read some books on skills you might need for this job.

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