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Why Buying A Condominium Is Better Than Renting

It is everyone’s dream to own a home. If you want to live in the city, there are many benefits to owning Calgary condominiums over renting. In the long run, your investment will pay you back. These days, with the housing market low, your rent can be similar to renting. With renting you are just throwing your money away that you will never see again. But with Calgary condos, the investment goes beyond, and when you are ready to sell, all that money, time and effort you put into your home will come back to you. That is why buying condominium is better than renting from someone else. Put the money towards yourself, not someone else. At SearchCondos Calgary, we have the expertise to get you into the right condo. Visit our website to view all the available options of complexes in the city for you to choose from.

Getting back your investment

When you are renting an apartment, where does your rent money go? Does it go to the property management company or building owner? Or does it go towards the maintenance of the building for which you have no control? You may not even know. Once you leave your apartment, do you ever see that money again? Never! Actually, you might be charged more money the complex claims you owe because something was left dirty or broken. Those years of paying rent do not help you in the long run.

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Rather, if you buy your home, every month you pay into your mortgage is money you will see again when you sell your home. Condominiums are a great investment, because there will always be a demand for those wanting to live in the city. Once the housing markets increase, and as you make smart investments and improvements to your home like adding solar power etc. your home will be worth more. Once your home is paid down, anything you see from a sale can be profit. There is no reason to throw money away when you can make a strong investment for your future.

Increase your Net worth

In addition to getting back your investment, owning your own condominium will increase your net worth. Net worth is the total of all assets put together like a house, gold etc. A high net worth can help you get loans, and has other added benefits. Renting an apartment cannot increase your net worth, because the money you are paying does not go to you. Whereas, when you pay a month’s worth of your mortgage, that amount of worth is owned by you; not the bank, a management company or property owner. Increasing your net worth is just one more benefit to owning condominiums over renting.

Customizing your home

Have you ever moved into an apartment and just hated the carpeting? Or the color scheme was just horrendous. But you signed a lease that says you cannot replace the carpeting, nor can you paint the walls. Or if you do paint the walls, you have to paint them back when you move out. When you call someplace home, that is what you want it to be – home. The best way to make your home your own is to customize it to reflect who you are. Not being able to hang up pictures because you do not want to get charged for holes in the walls is no way to live. A home should be your sanctuary. When you purchase Calgary condos, you will be able to do whatever you want to do with it.

It’s your home

So customizing your home is important. But maintaining how you want is also important. Inside your condo is yours. Things like candles, pets, who your plumber is, are one hundred percent decided by you when you own a condo. Renting leaves you with complex maintenance, who may fix things as cheap as possible, and not as long lasting and sturdy as possible. They might limit the type of pet or how many you can have. Again, you want your home to be your own. That is why Calgary condos are the best way to go. When you say home, you want to mean it as yours, not as one you borrow from a property manager.

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