What Is A Corporate Video –Understand the basics!!

A Corporate Video is a short film designed to promote a company and showcase their services, ethics and production promise.

Corporate video Los Angeles are guiding about the basics for the video production. The showcasing of the services is great to have the desired results in the video editing. The promotion of the videos at the larger scale to get the best rewards from the company and audience.

Some corporate videos involve talking heads so the audience can ‘meet the team’ which adds a personal touch and helps to engage the client. However, it is not a mandatory shot and some people opt out of having them, perhaps having just a voice over. Neither is a pro or con for the final show as it all depends on how you choose to style your whole video.

All productions will have clips showing the workplace, the employees and the company in action. So whether you are a construction worker or an accountant, there will be shots of what you do throughout the film. This is because the whole point of a Corporate Video is to show what the company does, how is does it and how it can help your customers.

When Videre Video Productions is approached with a corporate video, we begin to gather as much information as possible about the company. We need to do this because the greater our understanding, the better we can convey the message in the video. Part of this process involves our services in scripting, storyboarding and budgeting. Once we have all the relevant information, we plan the main shots we want, making sure we cover all areas of the business. Lots of shots are planned before we get to the day of filming, but nothing is set in stone and many of the best pictures are a result of inspiration from the day. Throughout the pre-production and production processes, Videre collaborate with the client ensuring that they are getting exactly what they want. Once filming is done, the editing process begins. This can be a long procedure if there is a lot of footage but a video never goes live until it has full approval from the client.

For an example of what we do, take a look at the Corporate Video we did for BJA Design. This video involves a talking head of Phil Pryce, the design director, explaining a brief history of the company, what they do and where they can be found. He also promotes BJA Designs by telling audiences about how they differ from competitors and giving the company promise. The video finishes with a montage of images taken of all BJA’s previous builds, which showcases their work.

Corporate Videos are a fantastic way of marketing and generating sales for any business. Videre offer a brilliant service and quality on a competitive price making it possible for you to make one of your own. For more information on creating a Corporate Video for your company, feel free to contact us.

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