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What Is 5 Panel Drug Screen Kit, And What Are Its Benefits?

If you are in search for the best and cheaper in price drug test kit then there is nothing better than 5 panel drug screen kit. It is popular and most of the lab technician and in the workplace because it shows various results in one test. If you are working in any office or any kind of workplace then you will see they use this kit for drug testing.

 It works on the basis of urine sample of particular person. As soon as you use it will provide you instant result without waiting any longer. It helps in testing five different drug like Marijuana, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Opiates. The kit will detect if any of these drugs will be present in the body. Most of the people wonder how urine helps in the detection well urine plays important role in testing drug. The concentration and the appearance helps doc and the kit to recognize any abnormal activity inside the body.

Drugs consumed by the body will affect the color of the urine in which the testing kit shows you the result. There are several reasons behind drug testing like not paying attention while getting treated, caught after conducting any criminal crime, legal procedure, workplace testing. Due to these reasons testing kits are available in the market for sale. You should not consume any kind of medication or pills as it will result in faulty results which can put you in trouble. On the other hand, if you try out detox drinks mentioned here http://www.srsmiami.com/detox-drinks-for-drug-test/ there is every possibility of passing the test.

If you have consumed anything before then you should inform the lab technician or the doctor so that they can be aware about it. You can conduct this test at home too as all you need to do collect your urine in the small container and use dipstick for testing.

Here are some of the benefits of using 5 panel drug screen kit

There are plenty of benefits you should need to know about but before them there is one thing you should be aware about which is the kit itself. It can only be worked on the basis of urine sample so make sure to collect the sample as first thing in the morning. Following benefits are as below-

  • Accuracy

It provides accurate results while sitting at home or in the testing lab. You can use it whenever you want but there is one thing you need to keep in mind which is it only works via urine. No blood sample will work on this kit so collect the urine as first thing in the morning because at that time it will be highly concentrated. 

  • Certified by federal drug administration

It is certified by the FDA which means results via it will be considered as true or certified. It will work like a proof in any legal sector like the lab or the hospital so you should use it stress-free. If you are new then make sure to use it carefully by using dipstick to soak the urine sample on it and place it on the strip of the testing kit. 

  • Approved for sale

You can but it from anywhere like on any store but make sure it is good in condition for use. It is to be sealed pack if you do not want any interruption while getting the result. Now there is no need to find the medical store because now it is to be available in nearby stores too.

  • Use it easily at home

It can be easily use at home as all you need to order it and try it. Everything will be clear on the kit as you will see all the five names of the drug on the kit and readings too. You just need to drop your urine sample on the strip attached to the kit and your work will be done.

Order more and save price

If you want kits for your workplace then you should go for the box of 25 which will help in saving tons of money right in your pocket. All of the kits will come in use as by checking the urine sample results will be displayed right away on the kit.

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