What Are The Objectives Of Tej Kohli Foundation? What Is The Working Of This Foundation?

Every organization that is a non-profit has a social cause that they want to eliminate from the world. This is all about; when people ask about the Tej Kohli Foundation, it is known for providing aid in corneal blindness. They assist in it, but this foundation aspires to eliminate the disease by 2035. They have an institute especially for the help in this disease in the UK, and there are some objectives that Tej Kohli Foundation wants to fulfill.

The objectives!

  • Affordable services:

This foundation wants to provide free services. These organizations are aware that the benefits are for far too much of a price, and not anyone normal can afford that type of service. It is the reason these foundations ensure that they are giving the service for free, and everyone who needs help with that will get the help they need, and their impairment won’t hold them back from chasing their dreams.

  • Accessible services:

It is not always about the service that is affordable for the seeker. They need assistance that will be easily accessible. What is the use of a service that the person can’t even get access to? It is the reason Tej Kohli Foundation has an objective that they have to keep it as accessible as it can be and to anyone in the world. This way, it will be easy, and there will be no need to worry about the disability or the impairment.

  • Scalable services:

The service that is affordable and accessible is the one that everyone needs. But to take the service, they will have to contact the foundation. But what if the response from the foundation is prolonged, and that is not a good one too? It won’t be great to experience this, and no one wants to go through the wait of hearing from someone. That is why; this specific foundation tries to be as scalable as it can be.

These are the three objectives of this foundation. And it is all because of these objectives that everyone knows this foundation by heart, and they know that they will surely get help from them. It is all about the services and how they get to the one who is needy enough for that.

The working of the Tej Kohli Foundation

As we know that the first donation that Tej Kohli made was in 2010, and it was for a 50-year-old patient who was suffering from corneal blindness. He needed donation, and when he was present to see the look on the face when the bandages were removed, and the patient was able to see his wife and children. That was when the founder of Tej Kohli Foundation knew that it is what he has to do. That was the time, and now he has an institute especially for cornea blindness in the UK. He aspires that he wants to eliminate the disease too.

Here are few things that people should know about the foundation,

  • This foundation had funding from the Harvard school, and it was for the help in developing the corona vaccine. We all know the hardships that we all had to go through when the corona pandemic hit the world. It is not something that came and went; it affected many people, and we all were in need to have the help as soon as possible.

  • It is about the corona and how we can forget about the people who ran out of their savings and they were suffering from hunger issues while being stuck at home. At this time, this foundation joined hands with two different ones to become the helping hand that everyone needed.
  • Cornea blindness is something that this person is so well related to, and he is using the best he can to get the country rid of it and get all the help he can to them.
  • He is also helping those who are going through the impairment of being disabled. With the help of bionics, he has given many teenagers the arm they need, and that is how they are going to do what they want without worrying about anything.

These are the things that Tej Kohli Foundation works for and will keep working for until there is a complete and instant solution to it.

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