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Weight Training Tips for Beginners

There are several exercises that can help you to shape your body to make you look better, but few give you so much control and efficiency to shape specific parts of your body and lose weight. To get into weight training correctly, you need to create or learn routines that you must follow; do something light and simple at first until you begin learning more and become stronger. The program should be personalized and aimed to your specific needs. This will help you gain muscle and lose weight better and faster.

There’s much to learn in weight lifting and that fact sometimes overwhelms rookies. Different types of equipment, basic anatomy, techniques and nutrition are just a few of the subjects a weight lifting practitioner must know. If you can get a personal trainer you should do se, because by having an experienced person watching over you, you’ll learn much faster and your possibilities of getting injured will greatly decrease. You can also ask him for advice in routines, nutrition and in change of weights once you start gaining more strength.

Perhaps the best tip for beginners is to start slow and with realistic expectations and take pre-Workout Supplements from the best brands. Many people, especially young males, start their workout on the first day doing bench press or curls with the most weight they can carry expecting being cut and muscular in a couple of weeks. This never happens and that people end up with torn ligaments of some kind of muscle damage, and then quit going to the gym. This is why having an instructor and following his advice is important; he knows better what’s best for you and you’ll get results eventually under his watch.

Depending on what you wish to accomplish, you need to do more of fewer repetitions. If you are the skinny type, then choose a weight which is about 80 % of your max, and do about 8 to 10 repetitions for each set. If you however, want to lose weight, then you should do more repetitions with less weight. For this purpose make from 15 – 20 repetitions at 50% of your max capacity. This is weight lifting 101, the most basic concept.

Another useful tip I can give you is to never work the same part of your body for consecutive days. Muscle is created when damaged tissue from the previous workout is repaired and built stronger. If you don’ let your body regenerate, then you will never let your muscles heal and you won’t see any increase in your muscular mass.

These are just some of the basic tips out there. As a final tip, you need to continue learning, reading and asking your instructor. Having plenty of knowledge on the subject will aid you to create better workouts and routines.

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