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Weed Addiction The Psychological Effects Of Marijuana

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Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not a drug. It comes from the cannabis plant and really should be classified as a herb although some experts describe it as a gateway drug. A weed addiction is one of a psychological nature more than it is a physical one because it is just as habit forming as a cigarette but easier to break because THC is the only major active isomer in cannabis. While using cbd oil for pain, there is the availability of the psychological benefits. The consumption of the drugs is required to be less for the benefits. It should not become a habit of the people that can adversely affect the body of the people. The information is provided to the correct and real to get the desired results. 

As a former pothead, I can tell you that the onset of the psychological aspects of weed addiction are very subtle. It comes from being the one in the family or pack of friends who does not fit in quite right and finding someone else who also smokes pot, a camaraderie is formed. This is the only place you feel normal and do not have to explain anything to anyone and so the cycle begins.

The effects of THC on the brain are wild in nature, it plays with your emotions and and slows down your thinking processes and has a horrible effect on your short term memory. To this day, I can recall conversations that took place when I was two years old but cannot tell you what happened five minutes ago. Even the strongest willed person can fall victim to a weed addiction. If you have an addictive personality and have undertones of depression, it is very easy to get caught up in the cycle. The only time I ever laughed was when I was high although, I had no idea what was so funny; I was addicted to that feeling.

The physical aspects of weed addiction can be overcome in no less than seventy-two hours; any physician will tell you as with any addiction, you have it completely nicked in three days if you just do not touch it. The psychological addiction, however, is no small feat but it can be done. You need to play those ‘brain tapes’ all the way through and realize that yes, you may have had some good times but at the end of those good times came the reality that you were seeking farther down into that spiral. There is no miracle cure other than talking it out and seeking a support group but it can and will happen if you think about the effort you put into getting high and using that same effort and willpower to stay sober.

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