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Have you ever had a day where you’re just yearning for what’s new, fresh, and just plain different in design? Well I’m going to promote my favs when I have the free time and/or money to browse, peruse, shop and feast on some nice eye candy.

1. Topman

This British online store has just opened an actual store here in the United States a couple of months ago. Because their viewpoint is across the pond and because we Americans love everything British, their sense of appeal for mens’ fashion is extraordinary. From bold colors to classic cuts and fine trimmed wear, their range is spectacular for creating an outfit that’s old yet young, fun yet conservative, a perfect blend of all. Though I’ve only found out about them within the year, their content always puts a smile on my face and motivates me to do financially better in life in order to purchase their great merchandise!

2. Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach has all of the classic and modern furniture pieces that have made interior design culture fantastic. You may have have seen many of these pieces in movies and TV, as they constantly use the furniture of Eames, Philippe Starck, Arne Jacobsen, and many more. Design Within Reach has kept the standard for manufacturing the original designs and is the number one source for showcasing these pieces in one of their showrooms. Design Within Reach is exactly what it says in it’s name, great design is within reach for you.

3. Ben Sherman

Another great English design resource, as you can tell I love the quirky and fun styles that come out from a few select designers in the UK! Ben Sherman is spectacular at his finesse in using pattern, color, and texture to create elegant pieces that you love to put on yourself. Since my growing interest last year, I own at least 3 pieces from Ben Sherman including a great brown and beige argyle vest, and dark blue and light blue slight v-neck sweater, a checkered white and blue shirt which I wear every 3 days, no lie! Every time I put one of his creations on, people complement me left and right. Although I know I accept the complement and smile for choosing my selection, the real props goes to Ben Sherman for being fearless and strong in taking what’s in his mind and turning that into action for a fan like me to wear.

I hope you decide to check these out as I’m sure that products from here will give you a different viewpoint, even if you don’t end up wearing or sitting in them. I believe these three sites have some work from the quirkiest and greatest of our time. As I grow and nourish my interest in design, these will be a solid constant to harness energy and creative action for me.

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