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Ways to Cut Calories for Weight Loss in the New Year

In order to stick to a low-calorie menu as a means of losing weight, it is important to not only change what you eat but the way you eat as well. Changing old destructive eating habits is essential to effective and long-lasting weight loss. I have struggled with my weight for many years, and it was not until I recognized this fact that I actually began to lose weight through the use of leptoconnect. Here are some of the tips that have helped me in my weight loss journey.

1) Do not eat past 8 pm.

I know for me, this was a trouble area. Snacking in front of the TV each evening piled on the calories, and eating this way is mindless. Half of what you eat is not even tasted because you are doing 2 things at once. It is better to find something else to keep your hands busy so help you avoid the temptation of eating during this vulnerable time.

2) Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily.

This has been very beneficial to me. Not only do I feel better when drinking the water, but I also feel less hungry. Drinking the water keeps me more mindful of not eating or drinking unnecessarily during the day.

3) Eat at least 26 grams of fiber a day.

This is important because fiber helps you feel full, and it also aids in the elimination process.

4) Always eat breakfast.

Although you may wonder why you should eat breakfast when you don’t really care for it…and it is just calories you don’t really want, please understand that breakfast is important in jump-starting your metabolism for the day. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast lose weight faster than those who do not. When you eat breakfast, your metabolism rises, and this results in calories being burned at a fast rate for the remainder of the day. When you do NOT eat breakfast, the opposite happens. Your body goes into starvation mode, and your metabolism slows down…resulting in calories being burned at a slower rate.

5) Use a smaller plate at dinner.

This may seem silly, but there is something about that visual that actually works. The same amount of food on a small plate looks like a lot more than it does when put on a large plate. Feelings of deprivation can often lead to binges, so it is important to feel satisfied.

6) Learn to remake your favorite dishes using healthier ingredients.

This will enable you to enjoy the same foods with only a few minor changes. Use Low Fat or Fat-Free cheeses, spreads, and dressings. Use leaner cuts of meat. Incorporate more veggies into your dishes. Bake or steam rather than fry.

7) Eat only at the dining room table with a plate and a fork.

This includes when you snack, no matter what food it is. This will eliminate mindless eating. Those potato chips will seem a lot less appetizing if you have to sit at the table and put them on a plate rather than sit on the sofa watching TV.

8) Eat a bit of protein when you are hungry.

Protein will keep you from becoming so hungry you end up binging.

9) Get plenty of rest.

When you are rested, you are prone to make healthier choices. When you are tired, you are more prone to grab whatever is available.

10) Shop healthier.

When you go to the grocery store, stay out of the junk food aisle. If you only bring healthy foods home, then that is what you will eat. Don’t tempt yourself by bringing a lot of fattening foods into the house.

All of these tips have helped me in my weight loss journey, and they will help you as well. Calories will automatically be cut by just incorporating these small lifestyle changes into your day.

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