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Using Social Media And How To Avoid Being Unemployed

Perhaps you are lucky enough compare to those people who were still unemployed because you are one of those people who have a great job right at this moment. But if you are using any of the social media sites, make sure that you are using it responsibly because you might find yourself unemployed at the end. How can that be happened? Such for example you are one of the avid users of Facebook, Twitter or MySpace sites make sure that you do not use these sites to spread to your online friends how much you do not like your current job, and if you are looking for a job be very cautious of what you are posting on these sites because you do not know someone could be watching you and report it directly to your boss.

Recently, due to the fast pace used of the internet most of the businessmen and job hunters are using the benefit of the online society to find their best luck at business and at work. But if you are one of those who were looking for a job it is necessary that in the social media site you are using you used it in the right and reasonable manner. Because if you don’t, it might only be the reasoned to lose your job or you can never be hired from the company you are applying with. To avoid this kind of distraction, there are some rules that you can follow. How To Get More Views And Followers On TikTok? Expert assistance can be provided to the people to have the best results. The application of the right tips and strategies is great to meet the desired results. 

Don’t say bad words about your recent or previous employer

Never ever say bad words against your recent or previous employer if you are still looking for a job. This might cause trouble between your current boss and the companies you are applying with, because they might someone saw what you were posting in twitter or Facebook and report it to your boss.

Avoid posting that you are searching for a job if you are still employed

This could be good if your boss knows that you are searching for a new job. But posting it to your social media status could cause immediate fire out though you and your boss are not connected with that certain social media site, because there might be one of your workmates sees it and report it to your bos

Avoid posting about your interview schedule or the news that you get hired if you are still employed

This topic is considered sensitive especially if you are still employed and you are already hired from the company you are applying. But if you are still unemployed posting messages like “So excited with my new job” or “Wish me luck for my interview” is better.

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