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Top Four Ways to Lose Weight This Year

This year, many people are trying to finally lose that unwanted weight. It’s time to improve your self-worth and body image by shedding those last pounds. It is easier than you think, with these top four ways… some more drastic than others.

The Lap Band

What is it? It’s an “elastic” band that doctors use to tie off a part of your stomach, causing the person to feel much more full after eating a smaller amount of food. It’s also called “Gastric bypass surgery”, and it has really grown in popularity as well as effectiveness over the past 60 years. There was an estimated 220,000 gastric bypass procedures performed in the U.S. in 2008. Remember, it still requires a life-style change. Your doctor will go over points with you to see how you can change your eating habits and lifestyle for the better before, during, and long after your procedure. It has an extremely high success rate, and it may be an option for you to discuss with your doctor.

“No White” Diet

Because white foods tend to be the starchy ones. So, in other words, cut out starchy foods and other unhealthy foods. Especially white sugar, flour, processed foods, etc. You may personally choose not to exclude certain things from your diet like cauliflower or potatoes, but you may experiment with those through trial and error. Typically however, in this diet the participants don’t usually cut out white fruit and other healthy eating options like that. When done properly, this diet has a very high success rate. And it’s easy to stick to, as well, because you do not feel deprived of food. It’s a simple rule to stick to – if it’s white, don’t eat it. In addition, to help you out with your diet, you may also consider some dietary supplements that aim to provide you support in losing weight. One of the best brands that you can find in the market is resurge. This is one of the most trusted dietary supplements in the market.


Done for the physical benefits, yoga can work. It makes you feel better about yourself when you take out the time to do this relaxing workout. And yes, it does help you lose weight because it helps you build strength and become more in tune with your body. It’s great to supplement the yoga workout with some cardiovascular workout, too, like running.

The Master Cleanse

Called by many a different name including “The Lemonade Diet” and the “Lemon Detox”, the Master Cleanse is probably the hardest to stick to but the fastest way to lose. Not only will you lose weight if you follow the regime perfectly, but you will also cleanse your body of all those toxins that have built up over the years, and you will experience clearer eyes and skin as well as improved digestion and energy. Check out www.lemondetox.com for more information.

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