The Top Six Strongest Heroes in AFK Arena


One of the considered best heroes in AFK arena is Lucios. This hero has the ability to recover, buff and protect allies. It also has the ability to carry out and contain some masses handling. Lucios is also considered as one of the unique heroes in AK arena because he has both assistance and reservoir that he can offer in an effective manner. Lucios is also helpful in several top group set ups. With his heaven’s security talent, he can provide protection to his crew against damage from the enemies.


Another great hero in AFK Arena is Shemira. If you are looking for the best problem’s seller in the game, this hero will definitely suit your needs. Shemira has a package that allows her to destroy the enemies easily and at the same time, she can keep herself wholesome through her spirit siphon and torture souls skills. She also has a silence talent that allows her to perform quick job of some of the harful enemies in the game. Shemira has also self-healing abilities and she fits very well in almost all of the groups in AFK Arena.


Antandra is a hero in AFK Arena that specializes in group managing, diving and self-recovery. The most considered strongest power of Antandra is her ability to change herself. Unlike other tanks in the game, Antandra possesses both burst therapeutic and sustained power. Apart from that, she also gives uninterruptible gap and she also provides AoE knockdown. This enables her to plunge into the opponents and prevent them from getting to her crew. With all of these abilities of Antandra, she is considered as helpful in almost all of the instances in the game, hence she is one of the best heroes to use in AFK Arena. 


If you are looking for a support hero in the game and yet strong enough to defeat your enemies, Tasi is certainly one of the best options to consider. Some of the best abilities of this hero include set that allows her to mend teammates and Fantasy mindset ability. Tasi also provides enormous masses in order to manage her abilities with Banishment and Slumber. This makes her one of the exceptional heroes in AFK Arena. Only few heroes in the game can provide skills and abilities that Tasi can offer.


Gwyneth is another hero that you will certainly like in AFK Arena. She has the ability to work heavy quantities problems in the game. She also has Divine Arrow skill that has the ability to impose huge damage to her enemies. The normal assaults of this hero can give burn off effect to the enemies which is crucial to destroy them. Gwyneth has also a Lightning Arrow which allows her to cope with damages from the enemies. Gwyneth is very reliant on having weight masses and strong control focused frontline. This allows her to fully enhance her skills and abilities.


Last but definitely not the least is Brutus. For most of the payers in the game, Brutus is the strongest heroes in AFK Arena. His expertise allows him to be an exceptional hero in the game. Brutus has a whirlwind ability that can obliterate the group of opponents and at the same time supplies him with huge management recovery and assistance along the way. On top of that, Brutus has a great talent synergy that puts him at the top of the game tier listing, hence, he is considered as one of the strongest heroes in the game. For more, Best AFK Arena Guides, Strategies and Tips (Updated), you can visit this page. 

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