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The Religion Of Proper Exercise And Building Muscle

Many men think of their bodybuilding as a religion. As a matter of fact, guys (and sometimes women) often think of having a good physique, through big muscles, is one of the fundamentals of having a good and healthy life. Working out has been a part of many people’s lives over the years giving birth to an entirely new religion which in laymen term is called: exercise. Just like any other religion, we often don’t rely on logic suggested by the laws of physics but mostly into a more righteous path. To the religion of exercise, this righteous path is in the New Testament is called: quick-fix. In building muscles, especially to men with a lankier built, obtaining it as quickly as possible is the way to go. If praying helps, we’d all have great physiques by now but in the religion of how to build muscle, a good work out plan pays off more than prayer. By learning the following commandments by heart, one is sure to be saved and healed, in this world of saintly muscled men.

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Of course in every religion there are sins. Breaking laws in the religion of how to build muscle will result into the wrath of unhealthiness. Injuries, illnesses, and other plagues are cast upon bodybuilders, and health buffs, who break the commandments of healthy living. That is why, thou shall not cheat.

Cheating is not entirely bad in how to make muscles bigger. One cheat day in 7 days is good for a person’s psychological health. Others do think that working out and having a good healthy diet is good for the body. But deprivation is not always a good thing. Staying away from fast food, chips, and candy may keep you healthy but depriving one’s self from the good stuff sometimes triggers depression and other mental stresses. Giving yourself a treat in 7 days is essential in keeping your sane. After that one day of sin, atone the next day by burning the junk you’ve consumed. Although one cheat day is good, 2 cheat days will lead you to eternal damnation. Cheating regularly on your workout regimen is the most common training flaw. The worst sinners are the ones who actually know what keeps their body fit and healthy yet heaves by giving in to many temptations.

Form is another essential in bodybuilding. Having a crappy form stresses joints and muscle tissues often leading to injuries. Taking the weightlifting for granted may be the biggest since you will ever let your body go through. Gaining muscles is not always about having ample repetitions and heavy weightlifting. Learning the right weight and right reps for your body size will help you gain muscles. Some weightlifters think that the heavier the barbells they carry, the more muscles they gain. Some actually lose more weight with the reps and weights they’re doing impeding their muscle production rather than amplifying it.

Although having big muscles feed the ego of most men, being an egomaniac will only pull you down. Although vanity within men is now considered normal, being too vain in the gym is not always good. A typical Monday night at the gym often is a crowded spectacle of tweens watching muscled jocks do their thing—dying in envy, emulating what they should not. Weights can be very dangerous. Kids can’t lift weights as much as adults can—this is another cardinal rule. Your ego may feed your body and soul but your ego also might cause an injury to others. Being nice gives you a few points in the religion of exercise. If you have a good built that the younger generation, or even contemporaries, may emulate, sharing your knowledge about the craft is a good deed.

Squats, dips, deadlifts, barbell rows, bench presses, seated presses are just a few basic exercises needed to join the bodybuilder bandwagon to salvation. Bench press, the all-time favorite, is a staple in every bodybuilder’s routine. Heavy squats and deadlifts on the other hand are harder but vital in gaining muscles. Majority of the muscles build up as a result of the exercises aforementioned. Although such exercises may cause agony and a lot of discomfort, you have to go through each and every one to obtain your goal form. After all, beauty knows no pain. Big and strong is good. If you want a bigger and stronger build, focus on heavy free weights. For sure they’re a pain in the derriere—both metaphorically and literally.

Aside from bodybuilding purposes, the gym is also a haven—an escape from the hustle bustle of the outside. Clunking, grunting, and wheezing may be the staple sounds you hear in a gym but to some, it is still a place of relaxation and comfort. Past the stench of sweat and bad breath is a place that relieves many off of their work stresses. Although this place is considered good, too much of a good can result into a bad thing—just as I’ve said regarding the required 1 cheat day for every week. Just like office work, a certain amount that your body can handle is just about enough. Exerting yourself more than your usual limit may only result into injuries. Getting a life outside of the gym is good as it gives you a certain allowance to miss working out. Being in the gym every day of the week, most hours of the day, may soon lead to you getting tired of the habit.

Powerlifting is the oldest trick to build muscle. Because of this, many sports equipment manufacturers has produced safety equipment to promote safety precautions. Squatting suits, belts, and deadlift shirts are equipment needed on how to make muscles bigger. The popular use of such equipment has encouraged many popular sporting brands to manufacture supportive gears for many weightlifters all over the world. And aside from supportive apparel and accessories, energy drinks packed with electrolytes have been popular to prevent dehydration. Although our bodies can benefit a lot from exercise, there are some perils as well so investing in such equipment and supplements is needed to keep safety intact. Assuming you are Hercules will only kill you. Everyone needs the proper support.

It is OK to admire the progress of your gym mates but always put to mind that each and every person have their own ability. Some bodybuilders may seem to have the perfect build but most-likely they took time to work for it. How to make muscles bigger do not happen overnight. With hard work and perseverance, achieving the body build that you aim for is always possible. By being responsible in the food you eat, and the proper exercise that you need will help you attain your goal. But aside from the commandments to build muscle, always keep in mind that a healthy fit body is enough to look good. Big muscles may look good but straining yourself to achieve it will only be unbeneficial. It is fine to look up to the pro bodybuilders for motivation but never ever think that you can copy them as it will only cause injury. Resorting into muscle-building medication may benefit you but you must always look for the bad effects that they may cause in the future.

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