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The First Steps You Need To Take In Shiba Inu Training

If you have a dog breed Shiba Inu, you should know that they are known for their bold and playful nature. Their personality is confident and cheerful, and that makes them the perfect pet. These dogs are very intelligent, and they can be trained as well to enhance their abilities. Dog training has been practiced for decades as it trains the dogs and teaches them new abilities. The shiba inu temperament and nature is such that you can train them in a great manner. Professional dog trainers suggest that every dog can be trained. 

The dog trainers and the pet owners can use tea h the basic commands and advanced behavior in a few settings. You can train your Shiba inu the basics in a single session. However, you will need to create a plan to do so. You shall be responsible for the practice sessions so that you can leave a strong and trusted recall for Shiba Inu. These dogs were bred specifically for a little game and hunting the large game. This results in these dogs to have a high prey drive.

Make use of passive resistance 

When you want to train shiba inu temperament, you should know that these dogs get bored very easily. They also do not like being ignored. Therefore, the pet owners must give these dogs their freedom as well as give them attention. The best way is to use passive resistance to control the traits and instincts of Shiba Inu by giving them your attention and freedom. Also, if you ever see a failure in the training session and the dog fails to learn something that you are trying to reach him, you should never resort to physical punishment. If you try to get them disciplined by using physical force, the animal will likely fight back. This can encourage him to bit people and play rough, which is not recommended by trainers. However, you should also not back down, or they would learn that they will win every time you back away. This will avoid dog aggression. 

Goals of training 

You should keep in mind that you should always have goals after the training session when you are training your dog. This goal, when is achieved, should be compensated with a reward. This can initiate the starting point in shiba inu temperament learning. This will help with the teachings and better behavior. This technique will get training powerful and strong.

Make rules

Shiba Inus can have a natural disposition to show dominance. You will have to set some rules that should be followed if you want to train the dog and keep the shiba inu temperament healthy. When you bring this pet to your home, the best way is to start early. This will ensure that during the early phases of development and growth, Shiba will not develop any bad habits in the future. The most important rule should be no biting. This breed of dogs is an extremely mouthy breed, and their first instinct is to bite and use their mount as a defensive mechanism when they feel a threat. Even when they are excited, frustrated, and afraid, these dogs tend to bite. This breed has large teeth, and this can hurt children. This behavior should be controlled, and proper training would ensure that.  

Socialize Shiba Inu

To manage the shiba inu temperament, you should make sure that you socialize the young Shiba inu to other sounds, touch, sight, and smells. These animals have a very aggressive and extreme play style. This breed of dogs can be aggressive when they are around unfamiliar places, objects, dogs, and people. They have a natural tendency to be stubborn and get aggressive if they do not get the things they want. It would be best if you socialized these adorable pets when you bring them home. This will make them more confident and sure of themselves. This will also imbibe positive qualities in Shiba inu.  

Add challenges

Like humans, dogs also love challenges, especially Shiba inu. When you start the training of your dog, you should add challenges in their training sessions. This could be teaching them different tricks. However, this should be done safely.

If you see your Shiba inu failing in the training sessions, be patient with your dog. Do not feel overwhelmed or overwhelm your dog. Forcing a Shiba Inu is never a hood option. Remain true to your commands, but not very harsh. Gove the dig breaks during the training sessions and make sure to let him know that good behavior and achievement of a certain truck or activity will get them a reward. This will encourage them to participate in the training session and become more active. Never use food as a punishment, as this may make the dogs feel irritated or abandoned.

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