Six Fun Outdoor Winter Family Activities

Winter is a time of blustery winds, heavy snow falls and deep cold. Although places in warmer areas don’t get this kind of weather, colder areas suffer because during this time. Kids suffer worst of all, as many of the outdoor games they love so much are limited. You can’t play baseball in a field of snow! However, there are many fun winter activities that kids can pursue that can keep them entertained even as the snow falls and the temperature drops. Here are six activities, in no order, that you can do with your kids to keep them exercising and busy during the winter months.


Snowshoes are an excellent way for kids to get exercise. They distribute weight evenly on the snow, letting people walk on the snow as if it was the ground. Snowshoes can be purchased at any sporting goods store or even rented from outfitters. Take your children to a natural area, such as a forest and explore it using your snowshoes. Bundle them up well to avoid getting too cold. Make sure you don’t leave any trash behind. For the loved ones, the gift ideas for boating enthusiasts should be available with the purchasers. The snowhoeing at the outdoor should be great to meet with the requirements. The allotment of the time and efforts should be great. The spending of the money should be great as per the needs.

Ice Fishing

Fishing is a great summer activity that many people pursue into the winter. The most important thing about ice fishing is to wait until the weather has been cold enough for the lakes to freeze over solid. Pay attention to the weather reports and the news. They often report on how thick the ice is on the lakes. It should be several inches to a foot thick in order to support you and your children. Cut a hole in the ice and drop your fishing lures in the hole. Take a shanty, which is a small shack you can build or buy, to protect you and your kids from the cold. The kids can see the fish through the hole, which will be a lot of fun for them. Only go out if you are well acquainted with ice fishing and its dangers or if you have a friend or guide to take you.

Christmas Caroling

Many children love to sing and just about every child loves Christmas. Combine these two loves by going on a caroling run. Bundle up your kids and yourself warmly and give each child a book with Christmas carol lyrics. Walk around your neighborhood, singing the Christmas carols. Knock on doors and sing to your neighbors, if they want you to sing. Only travel in safe neighborhoods with more than one adult with each group. Never let your children carol alone.

Snow Forts

Building a nice snow fort for your kid can help get them interested in going outside. The snow fort should be built out of sturdy, heavy snow that has been on the ground for several weeks. Freshly fallen snow will not stick together correctly. Never make an interior for your child’s snow fort. A collapsed snow fort could crush a child. Your child will love to run and play on the snow fort. Build two snow forts so your children and their friends can have something to compete over.

Snow Family

Making a snowman is a pretty traditional winter activity. Get your whole family involved by making a snow family. Each child has to make a snowman or snow woman that represents them. You and your spouse should make snow people to represent you. Put some old clothes you don’t mind getting wet on your snow people. Place them in a nice family pose and take a picture of the snow people and each individual person. You can then use these pictures in Christmas cards!

Snow Shoveling Contest

Shoveling snow is a chore that takes up a lot of time during heavy winters. You can make snow shoveling fun for the whole family by making it a contest. This helps get your driveway clear and entertains your family at the same time. Make up several different games, such as speed shoveling. A brother and sister can race to clear a similar length as quickly as possible. You can also see who shovels the largest pile of snow. The only limit in this game is your imagination.

There are even more games you can play with your family. Snowball throwing contests can help test the throwing strength of athletic children. Snow structure building contests can test the minds of design and building oriented children. Never forget you can always ask your kids what type of games they want to play. Most importantly, always have fun.

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