Simple 3D Printing Tips On How To Improve 3D Print Quality

3D Printing takes a lot of time and effort to execute. If everything goes well, the end result will be really good and appealing. If you are in the 3D Printing business, then you know how important it is to carry out the entire process perfectly. A single mistake or if you are unable to use the ekocycle printer properly, it will be a mess. In case you want to improve your skills in 3D printing, then take a look at these few simple steps we are going to discuss now.

Level the Bed and Set the Nozzle Height –

The first thing you need to do is to level the bed and make sure the nozzle is at the right height. It is a fundamental way to improve the overall quality of your 3D print. Use a sheet of paper or a feeler gauge in order to understand the distance between the bed and the nozzle. When the nozzle is at quite a distance from the bed, the gauge is going to have less resistance. It can easily go back under the nozzle without applying too much of force. You can repeat the procedure 2 – 3 times and make it accurate.

Check Nozzle Temperature –

It is vital to check the temperature of the nozzle. This is because it directly puts an affect on the appearance of the 3D print. In case the nozzle is too hot, then there will strings of filament left back in many parts. During the process of building tall pieces, high temperature can actually melt the initial layers leading to malformation quickly.

Sweet Spot for Your Bed Temperature –

You must control bed temperature when applying the print adhesion. When the model prints, every layer starts to shrink as they cool. Hence, each of these layers above the bed tends to contract and shrinks, causing the edges of the 3D print to retract back from the build plate.

Try Different Build Plates –

You can try out different build plates in order to enjoy diverse range of textures just at the bottom of the print. Materials like glass, PEI and kapton tape tends to leave behind a smooth surface. Glue-on polycarbonate, on the other hand leaves a matte texture. However, keep in mind to not use too much of glue or spray because it will get very difficult to get them removed later on.

Pay Attention to Printer Adjustment –

Every 3D printer available in the market have their own set of features and print quality. Some are very expensive and offers the best texture and performance over a long period of time. But there are also some machines which are cheap and cannot give the desired results always. When you optimize your printer, it can involve different steps like cleaning the interior or lubricating the rails. Doing so will help your 3D printer function more effectively from now.

These are some important steps to follow to improve your 3D print quality.

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