Pokemon Go Territory- Safe Haven for Admirers or Bad Influence

Whenever we recall our childhood, tears automatically fill up in our eyes as we recall the times gone by and it pains the heart that they were too good to be true and the ones that will never come back again.

What are the best memories that you can recall in your childhood? Well, there are plenty of them and slotting it down to a few is like insulting the golden period and many of the incidents must have faded from your memory.

But there are some good ones that last for a lifetime and they involve entertainment and enjoyment with video games topping the list, dominated by the likes of super Mario, Swat Kats, Ninja Roberts, Contra, Dave the Hunter and so many more.

Brief Description

The aforementioned games are the ones that 80s and 90s generation can easily recall but we are going to discuss about the ones that was the darling of the new millennial kids and it still is for some as most of them are either in college or into well placed jobs.

Pokemon Go is the one that instantly brings a smile to the kids who grew up in the 2000s and there was a time when you could not find a kid who did not have a collection of Pokemon kits and miniature pokeballs while Pokemon occupied the no 1 slot among other stellar cartoons.

It beat all others in the popularity race be it the cartoon show or video game and there was nothing to match it in the sheer number of sales so the 2000s was indeed a golden period for Pokemon.

The video game set was launched by a Japanese game developing company called Game Freak and the franchise was initially seen as a new form of entertainment for the new generation folks.

Does it fair well?

The makers would have had no idea that their discovery would take an entire generation under its influence because to say that they were obsessed with Pokemon go would be an understatement.

The cartoon was already popular among the young guns but no sooner did the video game hit the market, there were a slew of people who got their Pokemon go account in quick succession and took to the joystick like fish to water.

But the critics and naysayers have expressed their doubts over this phenomenon and fear that this would have an adverse impact on the future generations and this was even shared by the parents, who feared that their children were anyhow averse to studies but now were totally neglecting it.

Then again, there have been reports of kids trying to emulate the moves and stunts the protagonists did to capture Pokemons and sustained grievous injuries in the process.

While there were some news reports of minor injuries, it is probably true that the Pokemon bashers blew it out of proportion by exaggerating the content and adding their own interpretations to it.

All in all, while children should not neglect their studies, that does not mean that Pokemon go is to blame for it as that way even television shows and movies are to be blamed for having a huge impact, both positive and negative, on the society’s mindset.

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