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Plastic Surgery After Care – How To Take Care!!

These days it seems like the quest to look good is just as important than the quest to feel good. Plastic surgery is no longer a luxury used by stars in Hollywood to keep their looks, and therefore their careers, intact. With board certified plastic surgeons located in every state and in even the smallest of metropolitan areas, plastic surgery has become a viable option for millions who would, only 10 years ago, never have thought about undergoing a surgical procedure as a means of improving their appearance.

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Plastic Surgery After Care

After exploring your options and determining the type of surgery you want to have done, and finding a doctor you trust to do a great job and see you through the surgery, there is the matter of plastic surgery after-care to consider. As plastic surgery is often a serious, invasive procedure that involves cutting through muscle, fat, and tissue, there will be a period of time after cosmetic surgery when your body will be recovering from the work you have had performed. Plastic surgery after-care is the final step of your plastic surgery procedure, and is as important to the final result as the qualifications of the doctor and the actual surgery.

What to Expect?

Depending on the type of surgery you have, you will experience some degree of pain following your procedure. Obviously the smaller the procedure, the less pain you will feel after and the quicker you will be back to doing normal activities. As with any type of surgery, there will be wounds to take care of and keep clean to avoid the onset of any infections which could prolong your cosmetic surgery recovery time. Even the most minimally invasive surgeries will require painkillers, some degree of rest and inactivity, and follow-up appointments with your doctor to chart your progress.

If you have extensive surgery, the first part of your after-care may take place at an after-care facility, where medical professionals are on staff and on call to attend to your medical and rehabilitative needs. The doctor who performs your surgery will be able to recommend local and highly regarding facilities to suit your needs while recovering from your surgery. Most after-care facilities are staffed with qualified doctors, nurses, and therapists who specialize in wound care and post-operative rehabilitation.

The Critical Period

The first 24-72 hours after your cosmetic surgery are very important as far as the healing process is concerned. It is the goal of the after-care facility to get your body on the right track to a successful healing immediately after your surgery. Staff from the after-care facility of your choice will come to your doctor’s office to pick you up and take you to the facility in relative comfort. Most facilities have a luxury hotel and spa feel to them, and you will be treated to the finest amenities allowed under the post-procedure directives given by your doctor. The staff of the treatment facility will have been briefed on your procedure prior to your arrival and all necessary accommodations will be made to reduce your pain and encourage healing during your stay.

Following a stay in a post-procedure facility, or if you decide to go directly home after your surgery, there will be instructions provided by your surgeon designed to make your recuperation as fast and pain-free as possible. These include pain management, basic wound care, dressing changes, and activity constraints placed on you in order to encourage healing and protect you from aggravating your incision site(s). In many cases these steps can be taken by the patient or a family member, but in-home care can be provided, and is often recommended, especially following a stay in an after-care facility.

Many individuals who decide to undergo a plastic surgery procedure expect instant results. This is simply not the reality in most cases, and it is important to exercise good judgment and to follow your doctor’s orders after your procedure. It takes time and effort on the part of the patient to realize the desired goals of the procedure. It also takes education by the surgeon as well as a thorough understanding by the patient in order to make the best decision possible when choosing whether or not plastic surgery is a viable option.

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