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Keep Your Privacy when Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be somewhat an invasive process. You are letting people you don’t know into your home and negotiating what you think your home is worth. What many people don’t think about is what they should with the items they have in their home. For example, most people have important documents that they keep in their home, whether it’s in a drawer or a safe box. Home sellers have to protect their information because in today’s society, home buyers can find out a lot of information regarding the seller.

If you have private documents in your home that are kept in a drawer, keep it in a locked one. During the tour, buyers may open a drawer with innocent intentions and find an important document. Many people put credit card statements, bank statements, and even home value statements in drawers. Unfortunately, you don’t know what that stranger will do with that information once it’s seen.

Also, mail is often the forgotten item. Sellers often have it organized, but buyers can easily see who they’re from and what you owe. Don’t have important letters left on the table or even on the refrigerator to be seen. This just begs a person to read it because it just draws attention to it. If you’ve already moved out of the home, check it on a regular basis for delivered mail. It’s a possibility that the post office hasn’t forwarded all of your mail to the new address. It isn’t appealing to a buyer with mail on the floor, especially if it’s a lot of credit card and collection notices.

Home sellers should remember to remove personal items from the home as well. This includes pictures and even diplomas. A diploma gives a lot away about a person and the buyer can figure out what field you are in. It can also reveal age of a person. Also, photos, especially wedding photos, can disclose religion to buyers. Unfortunately we live in a prejudiced world and someone may not want to purchase a home from someone of a particular relation. Also, if you’re into art, whether it is music, pieces, or literature; move out as much as you can, so the person can’t figure out your taste.

If you’ve recently separated from a spouse or are desperate to sell, don’t make it obvious. Make it look as though you’re still living there and have it furnished with both men and women items (no matter what orientation the relationship was). If the seller senses you’re in a hurry to sell, they won’t offer you the best price on the house. It is just like buying coupons from takethecoupon.com. Certainly, you always want the best deal. So it is really important to be patient and carefully choose the coupon that you need. As a result, you will be able to get right and best deal coupon for yourself.

Before you actually put your home on the market, take the time to prepare it for others to view it. Make sure you empty out the drawers and remove any documents from the refrigerator. Don’t forget to remove the mail from the house as well. Also, stage your closet and bedrooms and remove any personal items from the house. A buyer should focus on what their life would be like living there, so you need to remove yourself from the house in order to get the best offer.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Permanent Weight Loss

My husband and I are seeing our families for the first time in about a year right now, and one comment we get right after each greeting goes something like, “Wow, you’ve really lost a lot of weight!”

The two of us devoted the last year to making serious changes in our eating habits in order to lose weight and reduce our risk of problems like diabetes and heart disease and recensioni idealica really helped us with that. We’ve seen many people struggle with these conditions, and that strongly motivates us to follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent their onset as much as we can.

Of course, that “Wow!” comment is eventually followed up by an almost timid question sometime later: “How did you do it?”

It’s a hot topic for everyone these days, as we’re told constantly to lose weight to preserve our health, and yet, time after time, people just can’t seem to drop the pounds or keep them from creeping back. According to the New York Times, studies show people have tremendous difficulty with both. Weight loss seems to get treated like a secret that only a chosen few can gain the key to.

I’m still working on my nutshell answer to this question, but here’s a summary of the big diet changes that have worked for us:

View the change as permanent. If you’ve lost weight only to gain it right back, you’re in a “diet” mentality. Permanent weight loss requires a permanent change in the way you eat. You can’t give up junk foods for six months and then expect to keep the weight off once you start gorging again. Plus, sticking with healthy foods means you’ll keep reaping the nutritional benefits beyond weight loss, such as lower cholesterol and blood pressure. You simply must learn to accept, like we did, that sitting at the table with unlimited chips and dip is never a reasonable snack – it’s only a rare, special occasion treat.

Cooperate with your family. No one can sabotage a plan to improve your eating habits like a family member who’s not on board. Reach an agreement with the others in your house before moving forward. You’ll avoid the freaky shouting matches that come when the spouse, thinking you need some comfort after a tough day, offers you cookies.

The best thing you can do is to convince your family to change with you, but the least that you must do is persuade them to act supportive and avoid tempting you back to your old ways. Discuss the importance of maintaining good health. You might be surprised by the response if you sincerely tell them that you want to help them change with you so that you can share long, active lives together.

Do your homework. The Internet is chock full of helpful sites that can educate you on what is and isn’t a nutritious food. Take the time to learn what and how much you should eat. Read nutrition labels, learn to measure portions correctly, and research filling and nutritious foods.

Commit to eating more vegetables and fruits. Veggies and fruits offer a lot of food for your calorie buck. Plan to fill up on water-rich plant foods before digging into the heavier items on your plate.

When you’re deciding what to eat for dinner, aim to fill half your dinner dish with veggies, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with (preferably high-fiber, whole-grain) carbohydrates. Often, I’d plan on serving salad or some kind of vegetable soup and a vegetable side dish (half veggies), the main course (a quarter protein), and some bread.

Remember, healthy eating isn’t just about weight loss – it’s about taking care of your body and giving it what it needs. So many of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body craves are in all those fruits and vegetables most Americans seem to neglect. Only after I started making veggies a regular part of my diet did I notice how crummy my body felt on the days I ended up eating the usual old meat and potatoes.

Keep temptations out of the house. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this point. When we go to visit family . . . let’s just say our diets have seen better days. It’s hard for me to tune out the cupboard full of salty chips, and my husband will be hard-pressed to ignore any licorice stash that might await him at his parents’.

When your trigger foods are easily accessible, you will eat them (and eat them to excess, no doubt). It doesn’t matter if they’re jumbo-sized warehouse barrels or 100-calorie packs: If they’re junk, they’ve got to go. No one buys food without intending to eat it, so just don’t buy what you don’t intend to eat.

Bring in healthy alternatives. While it’s important to eliminate junk from your shopping list, eliminating snacks from your diet entirely is a bad idea. Hunger leads you to make bad food decisions – remember the standard advice about never shopping on an empty stomach? Replace your old standbys with healthy alternatives, such as bananas, nuts, and low-fat yogurt.

Plan meals. I alluded to this above: Hunger drives you crazy. That’s one reason why I plan dinners in advance, so I can immediately plunge into preparation without wasting time figuring out what to eat while I starve. Also, planning helps keep me on track with preparing meals at home rather than eating out all the time, helping us avoid the overly large portions served by the restaurant. Finally, planning ensures that I have nutritious foods on hand for balanced meals.

I probably could prattle on forever about the adjustments I’ve made to get my diet on the right path, but these tidbits capture the behavioral changes most important to my success so far. Beyond diet, it’s important to increase your activity level, especially through regular exercise, if you want to keep the weight off. With lifestyle changes like these, lasting weight loss is within your grasp.

Getting Your Precious 8 Hours at Night

Falling asleep like any other daily activity can be difficult at times; at least it was for me. I told myself every exhausting morning that the next night would be better, but unfortunately, it never was. From new mattresses and pillows, to new pajamas; I was just about to give up and accept the fact that I was simply a night owl. Then one decided to take a peek into a store called Sleep to Live. It was high tech and extravagant, and it led me to my peaceful 8 hours.

When I stepped in one of their employees led me to their “special” mattress. The bed analyzed my sleeping patterns, my body type, and a couple of other tests here and there. Out of their printer came a foldable brochure about which pillow and mattress you should buy of theirs. On the back though were various sleeping tips, and from then on I realized there was no need for personalized mattresses and memory foam pillows. It’s all about the environment and behavior. This means, the conditions of your room and the things you do up until sleeping. In this article I wanted to share the best ones with you.

One of the easiest things you can do to help your sleep is set your thermostat to 68-72F. When you first wake up in the morning you’re cold, because your body’s still half asleep. As your core heats up, your body wakes up. That’s why a cool body temperature is key when trying to fall asleep. So pets that love to cuddle could also be what are causing you sleep issues. Their bodies radiate heat, so if you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to scoot away slightly or politely push them off your bed. Another good but obvious tip I read was about loud sounds and how they keep you wide awake. Low amounts of ambient sounds like water running in a creek or crickets chirping should be able to block them out and at the same time help you go to sleep. Closing the door is also always a good idea; it will mask stray noises and create a darker sleeping environment.

Noise pollution is anyhow not good for the ears and impact the overall health where insomnia is just a small disorder in the wake of what all diseases you might get in the bargain and there are numerous resurge reviews online that explain why sleep disorder sees a resurgence.

Speaking of a darker sleeping environment, you body naturally has what is called a biological clock and it’s set automatically to fall asleep at sunset and wake at sunrise. Since that’s not always the most convenient time to sleep and wake, so again closing your door is advisable. Sleep to Live and many other online stores like Amazon and eBay sell sunrise clocks that simulate sunrise and sunset to help you set back you biological clock.

The environment though is not the only part of falling asleep. Like I said before, your behavior before sleeping also affects sleeping patterns. For example, exercising 3-4 hours prior to bedtime raise your core temperature and again will prevent sleep, while a warm shower right before will help your body wind down. Eating protein late in the afternoon could be another reason for your sleep deprived night. It helps to refrain from caffeine after 5 pm. Last but certainly not least, Melatonin pills have been known to help jet lag. This means taking one of these 30 minutes prior to bedtime will have you sleeping like an angel. Only take one of these if you have at least 8 hours to devote to sleep, otherwise waking up in the morning will be even worse.

Pokemon Go Territory- Safe Haven for Admirers or Bad Influence

Whenever we recall our childhood, tears automatically fill up in our eyes as we recall the times gone by and it pains the heart that they were too good to be true and the ones that will never come back again.

What are the best memories that you can recall in your childhood? Well, there are plenty of them and slotting it down to a few is like insulting the golden period and many of the incidents must have faded from your memory.

But there are some good ones that last for a lifetime and they involve entertainment and enjoyment with video games topping the list, dominated by the likes of super Mario, Swat Kats, Ninja Roberts, Contra, Dave the Hunter and so many more.

Brief Description

The aforementioned games are the ones that 80s and 90s generation can easily recall but we are going to discuss about the ones that was the darling of the new millennial kids and it still is for some as most of them are either in college or into well placed jobs.

Pokemon Go is the one that instantly brings a smile to the kids who grew up in the 2000s and there was a time when you could not find a kid who did not have a collection of Pokemon kits and miniature pokeballs while Pokemon occupied the no 1 slot among other stellar cartoons.

It beat all others in the popularity race be it the cartoon show or video game and there was nothing to match it in the sheer number of sales so the 2000s was indeed a golden period for Pokemon.

The video game set was launched by a Japanese game developing company called Game Freak and the franchise was initially seen as a new form of entertainment for the new generation folks.

Does it fair well?

The makers would have had no idea that their discovery would take an entire generation under its influence because to say that they were obsessed with Pokemon go would be an understatement.

The cartoon was already popular among the young guns but no sooner did the video game hit the market, there were a slew of people who got their Pokemon go account in quick succession and took to the joystick like fish to water.

But the critics and naysayers have expressed their doubts over this phenomenon and fear that this would have an adverse impact on the future generations and this was even shared by the parents, who feared that their children were anyhow averse to studies but now were totally neglecting it.

Then again, there have been reports of kids trying to emulate the moves and stunts the protagonists did to capture Pokemons and sustained grievous injuries in the process.

While there were some news reports of minor injuries, it is probably true that the Pokemon bashers blew it out of proportion by exaggerating the content and adding their own interpretations to it.

All in all, while children should not neglect their studies, that does not mean that Pokemon go is to blame for it as that way even television shows and movies are to be blamed for having a huge impact, both positive and negative, on the society’s mindset.

Wildland Firefighter Gear: How To Prepare for The Summer Wildfire Blaze?

The wildland firefighter foundation is associated with a campaign named to protect our west, which is working on summer effects. Coors banquet is considered so that people can use special gear and tools as protection in case of fighting the fire. This foundation was founded in 1994 in Boise. It was originated by Vicki Minor as a wildland fighter. This organization is working on the effects of the climate so that they can help in controlling them. This foundation amplifies their duty towards the climatic changes, and it is a non-profitable organization. It means that there is no profit gained for working in this organization. It is a type of social service which is done by several individuals to save the life of other individuals. Those people who are injured or fighting through the nature can contact the wildland firefighter foundation.

There are a lot of individuals who have lost their lives as well as family, and the main aim of this foundation is to help those individuals. According to the research, there are several people who jot their statements about this U.S forest service about this wildland firefighter foundation. There are considering appropriate gear as well as tools along with them to rescue and reach the individuals who have been fighting with climatic issues.

What is the right equipment intended in the wildland firefighter foundation?

The three crucial things and equipment intended in wildland firefighter foundation re protection, search and rescue, and fire suppression. These are the important things one should consider being a firefighter. In case of fire, the firefighter must contain all the equipment along with them so that there will be fewer chances of risk.

What are the 6  gears associated with the wildland firefighter foundation?

While talking about the ShoeWizards and wildland fighter foundation, there are various volunteers who are fighting towards the climatic changes. They rush out towards rescuing the individuals who are facing such issues. A wildland firefighter carries all the gears along with them for rescuing other individuals. Also, in the lower section, you will be going to read about the gears which are associated with the wildland firefighter foundation such as:

  • They consider weighty fire boots because it helps them to preserve feet as well as it is important to wear such gears in case of fire.
  • Their costume is designed in such a way that the coat and pants retard the heat in touch with their body. It is highly important to cover the body with specified and high-quality coated material so that body will not come in contact with heat.
  • Protective goggles, as well as gloves, are also associated so that eyes and hands don’t come in contact with the body.

  • The next gear to be considered is wearing a helmet so that the head should be covered properly in case of any problem.
  • Axes and hoses are also a part of the gear, which is considered for a wildland firefighter because it will help to protect and cover for heat.
  • Slurry planes and air tankers are being considered in case of any climatic issue or heat.

In the above section, I have mentioned all the 6 gears which are associated with the wildland firefighter foundation. Go through them wisely so that you can notice all the things in a wise and appropriate manner. All the information is listed in this article, which will surely help you to attain all the guidance and gears used by a wildland firefighter foundation. May the above-listed information will be beneficial for you regarding the wildland firefighter.

Bichon Frise- Grooming Your Poodle With a New Look

People are growing quite resentful sitting at home without having much to do due to the ever increasing lockdown all over the world that shows no signs of slowing down and rightfully so as the death toll due to the pandemic keeps increasing.

Many are reminiscing of the time when they would take their pets out for a walk in the evenings during weekends and nothing could give more pleasure to master and pet than having to walk all around the local area and get a breath of fresh air from the confinements of the house.

For now, it is not exactly possible as the federal government has strictly advised the citizens to practice social distancing so as to contain the virus and therefore nothing can be done for now.

Dog Activity

However, now is the perfect time to give your dog a complete makeover when you come to think of it in true sense because it has been a long time and his hair is anyhow becoming rough and unruly that feel more like a wild bush.

It is quite difficult for anyone to groom their dogs with a makeover, especially if it is a Bichon Frise as they are quite delicate and sensitive and would not tolerate it if their precious hair is cut off.

To make things clear, Bichon Frise are an interesting breed that are extremely cute and good natured and many people aspire to have one in their house and I myself can list out many friends who have atleast one Frise in their house right from latter’s childhood.

But, sadly, it is also true that they are quite stubborn and can’t stand the thought of having a bath each day so you can imagine the coaxing and cajoling they would require to be pursued to take a haircut.

Dog tantrums are far worse than their everyday activities that they perform all around the house and so most people are in for a joyride because you are not dealing with a human child but an animal.

Groom Technique

Nevertheless, the above factors don’t mean that you would give up and allow the pet to have his way so let us take a look at some important points on how to give him a proper haircut and this is just about the events that lead to the final lap when the cut is actually given:

  • Bath- Yes, it is difficult but he needs to be bathed so give him a nice and long one so that all the dirt is washed away and care to use a branded shampoo to give the fur a shiny and lustrous feel
  • Once it is done, dry the hair out with a powerful dryer so that the fur is completely water free
  • Next cut and trim his nails so that they won’t hurt anyone because they have a tendency to scratch when angry
  • Now trim underneath both feet so that it looks more like a type of men haircut and the cutting part becomes easy

Why Lawyers Should “Unbundle” for Family Court Matters

Over the last eight or so years a new practice in legal assistance has emerged. This practice is known as “unbundling” or “discrete task representation.” Unbundling or discrete task representation is a practice where an attorney may assist a person through the process of representing themselves in court. The attorney and the person decide at the beginning of the relationship what exactly the nature of the services provided will be. These services can be as simple as proofreading documents to as complicated as walking the person almost step by step through the court process, even serving as a back up in court. One large factor of an unbundled relationship is the attorney does NOT represent the client, the attorney does not speak for the client, does not argue in court for the client, the attorney merely guides the client.

Although this practice has been growing over the last decade, it is still very difficult to find an attorney that does offer unbundled services. This is surprising given the increasing number of Family Court litigants who appear in court representing themselves. Management reports from two districts in Wisconsin for the year 1999 showed Pro Se litigants in one district at 72 percent and the other district at 53 percent. These numbers are similar or only slightly higher than districts all over the country.

The question begs to be asked. Why would people choose to represent themselves in Family Court when the stakes are so high?

Court is a time is of the essence situation, people do not necessarily have the time to save a retainer that ranges anywhere from $1500 to $5000 prior to entering the court process. The availability of information about the Family Court process leads some people to believe the process to be simple enough to successfully tackle on their own. People do not trust lawyers. They feel lawyers are only interested in money; the lawyers really don’t care about the litigant’s property rights or their rights to their children.

Each of these examples is a very valid reason for people to not avail themselves of the expertise of an attorney.

Why should lawyers offer unbundled services? The first and probably most important reason to a lawyer trying to pay their bills is some money is better than no money. Assisting Pro Se Family Court litigants can provide valuable cash flow without placing a huge burden on the lawyer’s time. Lawyers need to keep in mind; the nature of the unbundled relationship is negotiated prior to the work starting, once the ground rules are in place, it’s easy for everyone to follow them. Twenty hours per month of unbundled assistance with immediate payment can provide much needed security for an attorney with a client load that pays mostly off of monthly statements, if at all. Unbundled billed hours can also work as a valuable offset to reduced rate hours or pro bono hours.

The second reason lawyers should consider unbundling is because it is just the right thing to do. People in family court are at risk of losing everything that is important to them. Attorney’s have the information these people need. These people are willing to pay for the information. For an attorney to refuse to allow this information to be purchased, at their normal hourly rate, just because the potential unbundled client can’t afford a retainer or wants to be in control of their case, further promotes the negative opinion of attorneys. Providing unbundled services can make an attorney feel just as good as providing pro bono services with the advantage of getting their normal hourly rate.

The third reason for lawyers to provide unbundled services is to contribute to maintaining the integrity and flow of the Family Court system. Even with all the information available to Pro Se litigants it is very easy and common for them to make mistakes. Helping these to avoid these mistakes that have devastating consequences, means they have a better opportunity for a satisfactory outcome. It also minimizes the likelihood that they will have to return to court in a short period of time to clarify items that weren’t handled properly the first time around.

Who Needs “Second Life” If You Can’t Even Manage Your First One?

After recently reading about the on-line gaming craze known as “Second Life,” that’s been gaining popularity, I thought about creating a character for myself. I’d always been a fan of simulation and role playing games so this seemed like a game that would be right down my alley. I started skimming the context of how-to’s the site had to offer. I thought about what name I’d like to have, what type of world I’d like to live in, even what field of work I thought would fulfill my character’s life. All these thoughts and considerations just got me contemplating my own life, or the lack there of.

I began to analyze my life and what was making me tick these days. It was something I honestly hadn’t put much thought into lately. Four months ago I was planning a wedding and a future. Being the Karmicly challenged person I am however, that future was no more. I had once again gone through splits-ville. That special place where every reservation is for a party of one. At first glance, I wanted to point the finger at the latest jilted lover on my list, luckily I took the time to look a little further.

I looked at every failed relationship, every false presumption, every placated blame, and what I came to was one harsh truth. I really was the problem. We’ve all heard the old cliche, “It’s not you, it’s me.” I realized that when you really think about it… it’s true. Whether you’ve cycled through more lovers than your local YMCA has members or it’s just one major screw up, look no further for the reasons than your own bathroom mirror. Seriously, think about this with me for a few moments. There are literally dozens of viable reasons this is true but I’ll stick to the basics for today.

No matter which type of lover you’ve battled with the problem probably lies in your taste. People don’t have strings of bad relationships for no reason. If everyone turns into a nut-job then your basic attractions probably fall back to partners with problems. If you find your prospects have unhealthy tendencies in their relationships with the opposite sexed parent then you might be looking for someone who’s easy to control. Whether these are intentional attractions or you just don’t know any better you still need to realize that the only way to change this is by learning new skills and habits in dating. Unless of course you enjoy your current string of luck, be it good or bad.

All people dating, men and women alike, need to step back, look around, and say to themselves, “Hey I’m sick of losers, so I shouldn’t be a loser either.” That doesn’t mean you need to change who you are, just realize that you need to be looking for someone who’s looking for someone like you. That said, this also means we need to quit living a “Second Life” expecting to impress someone who doesn’t even know if they want the first you, the real you. I mean how can they know, you can’t let them know who that is when you don’t even know who that is. The only way we can do this is by living our first lives.

When you live your first life to the max you simple don’t need a second one. Most likely you won’t have time for a “Second Life” if your real life is fulfilled. I mean who would you be more interested in, the person who’s absolved in some other world or someone living in this existence, who actually still remembers the real world. In a time where so much is controlled by technology don’t let “Life” as we know it become something we play on the computer, instead learn what makes you tick. That way when someone comes along, that could love you and you could love back, your not to busy playing a game to fully appreciate it.

Which Banana Boat Sunscreen Fits Your Busy Lifestyle?

Whether you’re a mister, slatherer or sizzler, Banana Boat will keep your skin free of harmful U.V.A. and U.V.B. rays this summer.

Whether you’re a single girl on a run in Central Park, a mom of three heading for swimming lessons or a teenager heading to the beach for some fun, Banana Boat has the sunscreen you need for a burn-free summer. If you’re aiming for comfort, safety or just a tan, Banana Boat is sure to have an option for you this summer. Here are three amazing recommendations for a fantastic summer:

1. Banana Boat SunWear Daily Sunblock Lotion Mist (SPF 50): This sunscreen is perfect for a single city girl on the go. Whether you’re taking a run through Central Park, biking in the woods or laying out on your rooftop deck, the natural botanicals in Banana Boat’s SunWear Daily will keep you feeling and smelling fresh as a rose no matter what you’re doing. Banana Boat’s fragrant herbal concoction also includes bamboo and even peas to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays and give it a radiant, healthy glow free of fine lines and wrinkles all summer long. Using a sunblock mist creates a cooling effect that lasts for hours, but it feels so nice, you won’t want to wait to reapply! Manhattanites, don’t take a day trip to Coney Island without your Banana Boat SunWear Daily Sunblock Lotion Mist (SPF 50).

2. Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Stick (SPF 40): No one dislikes sunscreen more than a three-year-old child– except his mother! This year, instead of losing the endless fight to apply sunscreen on your kids, buy them the sunscreen they will love to use. This sunscreen stick is easy for kids to hold and apply themselves. Forget the goopy, white mess kids hate. Now they’ll be asking if they can use the Sunscreen Stick! The Sunscreen Stick is best for faces, ears and especially noses! If you are looking for an all-over body protection for your youngster, check out Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free Continuous Lotion Spray (SPF 50), too!

3. Banana Boat Tanning Dry Oil Continuous Clear Spray (SPF 15): Okay, tan-happy teenagers, it’s your turn. We all know tans are bad news, so if you don’t want to go crimson this summer, check out Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Mist and stay away from the sun. But if you absolutely must have that sizzling, authentic tan this summer, check out Banana Boat’s Tanning Dry Oil. Infused with soothing grape seed oil, you can tan your troubles away without worrying about getting burned. With a 15 SPF built right in, you can even take a dip in the ocean using this waterproof spray. The cooling mist allows you to get an even tan that’ll last all summer!

Here’s a list of other great Banana Boat products for you to try this summer:

  • Aloe After Sun Cleansing Wipes
  • Ultra Defense Sunblock Lotion (SPF 80)
  • Soothe-A-Caine Aloe Vera Spray Gel
  • Dark Tanning Oil (no SPF)
  • Every Day Glow Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Where To Find News For ESL Students

ESL students who want to improve their listening and reading skills can take advantage of several online news resources. These sites help students stay up to date on current events, learn new vocabulary words and become more confident English language users.

Breaking News English

One of my favorite sites for English language news is Breaking News English. This site breaks down news by topic and includes several exercises and activities to help reinforce the vocabulary and concepts taught in the written news stories. The stories are written at a level intermediate to advanced English language students can understand. They include exercises that encourage the student to produce language by writing as well.

Voice of America

Voice of America publishes a Special English website that includes multimedia resources to help English students keep up with current events. Transcripts are available of news stories available in audio files. The audio files are in slower spoken English so ESL students can more easily understand them. The site includes English lessons and activities to accompany them. A WordBook is also available on the site to help students learn new vocabulary. Students can hear new words pronounced and read their definitions as they work through lessons and their activities. The site also has an EFL teaching community in addition to profiles from foreign students studying in the U.S. The site also has information on American idioms.

ESL to Go

ESL to Go is a blog that features stories from CNN’s student website, which has news stories for secondary students. The blog features a video from the student site and asks questions about its content. Readers can watch the videos as many times as necessary to get a good understanding of what it contains. The blog also contains other posts and lessons of interest on a wide range of topics. The ESL to Go blog allows comments as well, so English students can post their thoughts about particular stories they read.

BBC Learning English

BBC’s Learning English is a very detailed site offering a wide range of news, grammar and pronunciation lessons and exercises. It also contains a video series called “The Flatmates,” which contains lessons on a variety of topics. It also contains a student blog and a teacher blog for English teachers. The site also contains video lessons and interactive quizzes to help ESL students learn English. It also includes a pronunciation guide and information on business and general English. The site also contains information about British English slang.

Listening to the news and reading is an active way to practice and improve your English. If you listen to and read at least a few stories every day, you will notice that your English will significantly improve over time. Make a regular habit of practicing your English by keeping up with what is going on in the world.

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