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There are many different brands of e-liquid/vape liquid for your e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers, and as well as many different brands, there are also many different types. This can make [ … ]

What 2019 Taught Me

In July of 2019 I set a goal for myself: lose 100 pounds in a year. Sounds a little crazy, yes, but in 6 months I have lost 87 pounds. [ … ]

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Eat Mini-Meals for a Healthy Weight: the Busy Parents’ Guide

You have probably heard it a million times: in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, try eating several mini-meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. That’s easier said than done when you are trying to prepare food for, and feed a family. Here are some tips for the busy mom or dad to try the excellent habit of eating mini-meals throughout the day.

Eat the same food, just less at a time. When your family sits down to meals together, it’s okay to eat the same foods as your family does, just make your portions much smaller, or only eat part of the meal. For instance, if the family is having cereal, juice, milk, and a piece of toast with peanut butter for breakfast, go ahead and eat your cereal and milk with the family. Then for your next “mini-meal” mid morning you can have your juice and toast with peanut butter. Just break down the meals you have already prepared, rather than skipping that time with your family, or trying to fix additional mini-meals.

Eat your mini meals when your children snack. If you stay at home and your toddler has a mid-morning snack (as toddlers should), enjoy a mini-meal along with him. When you kids get home from school if they eat an after school snack, try eating your afternoon mini-meal at that time. Making sure your mini-meals coincide with your family’s schedule will help keep you on track. With the resurge reviews, a guide will be offered to the person for the consumption of the medicine. The spending of time with the family will be great when a person will have fit body. There will be no restrictions over the eating habits of the person. The meal in the afternoon and morning will be good for the reduction of excessive weight. 

Portion it out. When you make your family meals, immediately portion out your mini meal into a re-closeable container and put it aside for later. If you sit down at the dinner table thinking you will just eat half of your meal and save the rest for later, the temptation to go ahead and eat it all may be too much to overcome. This is also a great trick to do with meals eaten out.

Get your family meals on a schedule. When planning around baseball practice, evening meetings, church activities, and other events, you may have some trouble eating at the same time each day. Try your best, however, to establish a basic weekly mealtime for your family dinners. If you never have in mind what time you are going to eat supper you may end up eating too much in-between meals, or find yourself starving by dinnertime which can lead to overindulgence. If you know ahead of time when to expect dinner, you can plan accordingly with your afternoon mini-meal.

Eating mini-meals throughout the day is great for maintaining your metabolism and keeping you feeling full and energized. Even busy parents can try this healthy lifestyle with just a few tricks.

Is A Player Can Cheat While Playing Idle Heroes?

Playing idle heroes is interesting as well as entertaining, and this game can be easily played in ios devices and in android ones. A player can also cheat while playing idle heroes and earn more number of points as well as scored through it. These cheat hacks have been considered for those individuals who have reached upto the 30th level by playing. More often, there are several gold coins, gem crystals as well as bonus points that are listed through which we can get more rewards. Basically, this game has been considered for warriors who are interested in playing adventurous games. It requires lots of cheats as well as skills for becoming an idle heroes pro tier list. Here you can become a summon hero by rendering on a higher position, which requires a lot of skills as well as practice. It is not easy to go through all the tips and tricks for playing the game. As a reason, one needs to upgrade the latest versions and consider several things to become a professional player. 

Cheats to consider for playing idle heroes:

There are several cheats and ways to perform the game, for which one needs to consider the dungeon portal for reaching in the battle arena. You need to set all the heroes before your battle gets the start, and for this, choose the avatar in which you need to perform. Moreover, winning and loot become interesting when you reached on a higher level. You need to dispatched the heroes so that they can fight and loot in the given time. There are several positions out there, and it is important for you to choose the right avatar and position so that you can change it. 

Whenever you have finished your battle, then you can trigger your another battle so that it becomes easy for you to attack accordingly. You need high defense powers for defeating the opponent and forming new paths in your way. 

Is it true that a higher level will provide a higher privilege?

When you have come across at a higher level, then it will provide you more privilege through which you can deal with all the things wisely. Also, the damage caused by you will become 50% less as compared to the other things. You can also attack randomly as per your requirement for covering the opponent’s land. 

This game works similarly whether you consider it in ios device or in android versions. Also, you need to update the version more often so that it will become easy for you to play the game. If you want to collect points and gems for free, then it is important for you to view the videos listed over there. By viewing the videos, it will help you to provide free points as well as gems through which you can get rewards and unlock all the weapons easily. 

Lastly, go through all the information wisely so that it will help you to consider cheats and strategies for playing idle heroes. 

How to Finance Your Online Education with College Loans

College fees begin before you ever get accepted. It seems the average application fee is climbing, with universities charging $50 or even $65 just for the chance to be considered to become a member of the student body. Tuition rates are at an all time high, and a four-year full-time university could easily require an investment of over $160,000. College loans can pay for all of your tuition, and you can get loans that will extend beyond tuition to include books, housing and living expenses, and food. Some loan recipients, perhaps unethically, use their loans to help pay for vacations. These college loans can be public loans, typically from the federal government, or they may be private loans, from banks or other financing institutions.

How To Work To Earn Money To Pay For Your Online Education

Many people work at least part-time during their studying. There is a Federal Work-Study Program, which is a form of financial aid, that allows you to work for at least minimum wage, and put your earnings towards education expenses. The program has money earmarked for student workers. If you are in the program, you could very well be hired over a similarly situated student who is not in the program. In addition to this financial aid, you could work outside of the program in paid internships, full or part-time employment, and also apply for a number of private or federal loans to supplement your earnings. You can also seek assistance from a personal loan money lender. However, you should be very careful in choosing the right loan provider for you. Make sure it is not a scam or make sure it doesn’t impose extremely high interests for the amount of loan you borrow.

Understanding Different Loan Options and Repayment Plans

College loans allow people who do not make a lot of money, to go to college and earn a degree. Repayment periods are frequently between ten and thirty years, which lends itself well to low monthly installments. The Federal Stafford Loan is one of the most affordable loans, typically with interest rates on both the principal and the interest being lower than other sources. Private loans may be more generous in how much they give you, but usually with the unfortunate effect of higher or variable interest rates that could leave you spending and repaying a lot more than your principal loan.

Getting a Loan Now to Pay Off Later

Many people delay the payment of their loan principal as long as possible. There are options on some loans, to pay very small monthly installments on just the interest that has accrued. The more you delay, the more likely you will end up with larger payments later. With a high interest rate on your loan, you could spend thousands of dollars more than the official amount of the loan, and the money that you will see. Deferment is the process of delaying your loan payments when you cannot afford it. This is not an excuse to impoverish yourself or cheat the system. You will pay off the loans or face consequences. However, if you are a student, unemployed, or suffering economic hardship, you may be eligible for loan deferment, and you should speak with a loan officer about these options before you ever sign on the dotted line.

How to Find a Dollar

Have you ever seen a guy on a beach or in a park who looks like he’s looking for something? Maybe he has a mental illness of some kind, just walking around aimlessly, by hisself. He’s carrying a weedeater thingy. Is he dangerous? No, he’s looking for money with a metal detector! But you don’t need one, necessarily. Here’s how:

  1. You can sweep up money in a hand-held dustpan, preferably one that has a lid. Use a stiff whisk broom.

Plenty of money can be found in church, store or park parking lots. Is it worth it? Yes! See: How to Calculate the Value of Ground Money.

  1. Check your fall and winter jackets. Money is often found in the liners where the money made it’s way down through a little hole in the pocket.

  1. Sweep your house wall to wall. Your cat likes to play soccer with quarters and nickels. She probably sneaked some off your dresser while you were asleep.
  2. Pull out your couch cushions and car seats. There is always money in there. You have to dig your hand way in back where it’s dark and dirty. But the money is still clean, and sparkles in your poor hand when you pull it out of there.
  3. Check your junk and tool drawers. Money will be found way at the back of drawers, or stuck to a magnet. You may not know that you also have other currency there. If so, you can do conversion dollar to euro or vice versa. Money is everywhere, we just havent realized it yet. Hence, we have to be a keen observer.
  4. Always check the bottom of your washer and dryer when you remove the clothes. Money gets tumbled out of your pockets and falls to the bottom.

  1. Check moving boxes. Sometimes when you move, you are in such a hurry that you pack things like piggy banks, old purses, coin jars, or jackets and pants that you forgot had money in the pockets. Sometimes people forget they received birthday, wedding, or Christmas checks and left them in those cards.
  2. Always open your junk mail, and mail you think is too old to be relevant. I once received 35.00 from a taxi company I had worked for as a workers bonus or shareholder credit. It was figured up after 10 years. I hadn’t actually worked for them since ten years, but they tracked me down when the benefit came due. And sometimes companies send out checks to people to get them drawn in to their services. You can still cash the check and pass up the service.
  3. Keep your eyes open at the laundry, the drive through bank, grocery checkouts, and under sports bleachers. Any place where a lot of people congregate, like festivals, carnivals, and concerts.
  4. People often forget to check for their change in candy machines and pay phones. I forgot my change just last week, at the corner of main and second. Better hurry!

Top Games To Play On Your Mobile Phone

Video games are all over the place nowadays. There are games that can be found for mobile phones, computers, tablets, on browsers – even messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger feature games inside. For a lot of people, video games are an excellent approach to wasting some time while on the train, bus, waiting for your doctor’s appointment, and other waiting activities. In this article, we will discuss some of the top mobile games available to download on Android and iOS. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Alto’s Odyssey

If you want a 2D side scrolling game that is endless (similar to temple run, but on a snowboard,) this game is for you. Alto’s Oddysey is a very simple game, you just need to tap the screen to jump. You can also do tricks, which will increase the score that you get. Further in the game, you will do objectives, acquire points, and gather coins that you can utilize to level up your skills and acquire new items. Even though Alto’s Odyssey is a 2D side scroller game, it stands out from 3D games with gorgeous graphics, great atmosphere, and good music.

  1. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds had its humble beginnings as a mobile game, and now it became a global phenomenon. Angry Birds 2 is the latest game under the franchise that is true to its roots. There are 3D Angry Birds game that was released ever since, and numerous spin offs such as Bad Piggies. If you want to experience the newest version of the original Angry Birds, this game is for you.

  1. Candy Crush Friends Saga

Are you already finished with the many levels of the original Candy Crush Saga game? Experience more of Candy Crush goodness with Candy Crush Friends Saga. featuring brand new mechanics such as characters that directly have an effect on gameplay, this newest installment of the popular series is a lot of fun while still sticking to its original formula.

  1. Flappy Dunk

If you missed the highly popular Flappy Bird mobile game years ago, you are not out of luck yet. Flappy Dunk is a new take on the Flappy Bird concept. In Flappy Dunk, you will control a ball that moves through hoops, with the game only ending once you lose.

  1. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a game in which you will assist a Butler in restoring his outdoor backyard. There is also another similar game known as Homescapes, in which you will assist the same character in renovating and building a house. This game is a lot of fun and a great time killer. This game is very simple to understand, which means that you can pop it up for quick gameplay on the bus, or while waiting for an appointment.

  1. PUBG Mobile

If you like shooting games on consoles and PC, you will be at home with PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround Mobile (PUBG Mobile.) This is a mobile port of the hit PC battle royale game. Take note that PUBG Mobile matches tend to last for an upwards of 30 minutes, which means that you will have to dedicate a lot of time to this game. This is perfect for a lengthy wait at your doctor’s appointment, or if you are on a 1 hour + commute. Also, make sure that you have a good mobile data connection since this game is online only.


There are numerous games that you can play on your mobile phone. If you are having a hard time, you can read more guides to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the game that you are playing.

What’s the Difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

There is a lot of confusion on the topic between CBD Oils and Hemp Oils. Others consider them to be just the same, however others beg to differ. They say that there is a huge difference between the two and they should be considered different.

If you’re here to know the difference, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are the things you should know about CBD and Hemp oil reviews.

Or maybe, you can read the review here before proceeding to have a better background on the matter.

What is CBD Oil? What is Hemp Oil?

First off. CBD Oil is not the same as Hemp Oil. 

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical that can be extracted from a plant known as Cannabis Sativa. These chemicals are extracted from the plants leaves, flowers and stalks. The said parts of the plants are where you can extract the most Cannabidiol.

During the process of extraction of CBD oil, parts of the plants are usually created as pellets, where the cannabidiol and other crucial nutrients are removed by gases like CO2. By this process, it can create a kind of oil that contains a high dose of CBD content. In order to make sure that there are no mixed substances, careful testing is made. This way, the level of essential compounds are placed where it needs to be.

However, Hemp Oil comes from the seeds of Hemp or others may say, Industrial Hemp. The hemp plant is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Due to the growing CBD market, people are now more knowledgeable about the difference and started calling it Hemp Seed Oil. 

Hemp Seed Oil is only made from hemp seeds and is created by a process called cold processing. This process helps to preserve all the raw, natural, and nutritious contents of the seed.

Hemp oil does not contain any CBD  or any other cannabinoids like THC.

What is the difference between their uses?

The difference between the CBD and Hemp oils is simple:

The CBD oil is mostly used in alternative wellness spaces to help balance the body’s internal system, while the hemp oil is mainly used for food and skincare products. The high CBD content and low THC content of hemp-derived CBD oil makes it great in harnessing potentially therapeutic properties of CBD without any high risk or brain effects of THC.

Many researchers have claimed that CBD oil can be helpful to some chronic conditions such as anxiety and epilepsy. The pharmaceutical Epidiolex that is FDA-approved can benefit the latter, but more research is needed to confirm the former. Even athletes often use it to support recoveries of inflammations that happen during exercises.

On the other hand, Hemp oil can be very useful in kitchens. This is because hemp oil has a high nutritional value. Some chefs even consider it as superfood. In some parts of the world where hemp oil is legal and accepted in the society, it can sometimes be found on smoothies and oftentimes substituted with olive oils.


When trying to understand the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil, it is important to know where they came from and how they are made.

Also if you are worried about some products that you have that might contain these oils, you can look for the label for the terms Cannabinoids, CBD, or Hemp oils. These terms are what companies usually use if their products contain CBD oil.

What To Expect From A Home Appraisal

A property appraiser is an individual who places a current market value on a home, commercial property, or parcel land. An appraiser can also place values on farm equipment, personal property, and establish commercial property potential income based upon analysis of current sales, expenses, and equipment. Unless a piece of real estate is purchased entirely by cash, an appraisal must be completed before closing the deal, and filing a property deed. An appraiser is also used when refinancing a mortgage or applying for a second mortgage or using equity in a home. Buyers, which utilize a FHA loan product, may also be subject to a home inspection during the loan approval process, in addition to a standard appraisal.

An appraiser establishes the current value of a piece of property, as determined the day of the property inspection. An appraisal can be used for financing purposes for six to eight months, depending upon the governing laws in each state. An appraiser must have completed the required college courses, background checks, and have successfully passed a state licensing examination prior to working in the appraisal industry.

Homeowners often receive a rude awakening when reading the appraisal report. One of the most common misconceptions associated with establishing real estate values relates to the amount of increased home value created when renovating or improving a piece of property. Consulting an appraiser prior to beginning a renovation project, or addition to a home is advised. Over improving, a home for a particular neighborhood can cause a homeowner to loose money when the property is placed on the market. Homeowners absolutely will not receive the dollar for dollar value on a home improvement project during the appraisal project. Building a deck or porch on a home will increase the value, provided it is not an over-improvement for the area, but a line item amount determination on an appraisal form determines what the deck or porch is worth. Replacing old carpet with new will only slightly increase the value of the home; a homeowner should not expect to receive the exact amount of the carpet purchase and installation price when the home is appraised. A better score on the condition of the carpet on the appraisal form, and the increased interest the carpet may generate with buyers is all the homeowner should expect to receive. The better the home looks, the quicker it should sell, but potential buyer interest is not a factor on a home appraisal. To help you find the best deals about home appraisals, you may want to consider seeking help from a professional and licensed surveyor like Surveys Northeast. This will help you to find the right deal in a more effective and convenient way.

An appraiser utilizes “comps” to determine the market value, or worth of the home in the current market. Homes, which have sold in comparable size and in the same or similar location, are used to determine what a home is worth. Adjustments are made to the comparable homes to reflect the particular attributes of the home being appraised. Values are pre-determined to show the added worth of the home due to more bathrooms, or fewer bedrooms in comparison to the recent homes sales used to validate the report. An appraiser is required by law to use at least three comparable home sales when writing a report. The original price of the home has no bearing on the current market price appraisal.

A real estate agent is required to take a course in appraisal when preparing to become licensed. The real estate agent can not establish a legal value of the home as required for lending purposes, but can offer an educated opinion as to the proper listing price for the home. A homeowner who is preparing to sell a piece of property can hire an appraiser to inspect the home, and establish a justifiable selling price. The appraisal report belongs to the requester, and can aid a seller in identifying areas of the home, which should be improved upon before placing the property on the market. An appraiser typically charges between $250-$500 per inspection for residential properties and parcels of land. Commercial properties require more time than a residential or land appraisal, and routinely cost to complete.

It’s Spring in Wisconsin – Time to Start Getting Ready for Bow Deer Season

Spring is the time to start preparing for the up coming archery season. You may be asking yourselves why start in spring we can’t hunt until the fall? That is very true, however if you own or lease the land you hunt you may just want to throw down some clover seed. Or you may want to plant some fruit trees like apple and pear.

With the onset of new and different baiting laws it is getting more complexed on how you can bait deer. However if you own or lease the land you can plant trees and other plants close to your stand. Then when the fruit is ripe you will have the deer coming to you rather then you trying to find them. Or worse yet you just sitting there hoping a deer stumbles by your stand.

I have gone and done my fair share of scouting deer in the spring. You can see where last falls rubs where. You can also find new trail the deer are using. You may even find a clump of trees such as the fruit trees I was talking about planting.

Now that we have a few places we are going to be looking at throughout the rest of spring and summer we need to think about our bow.

Did we have any problems with it? Do we need to get more arrows or broad heads? Do we need a new string because the one we have is frayed? Maybe we just need to get some more practice.

It is a good idea to get up in your tree stand and shoot at different target that are in the normal shooting lanes were we would see the deer coming by are stand.

There is nothing like a good deer hunting to cool things up during summer and no better place than the tree stand to start out because it gives you a good view of everything from that distance but it is important to read a little about good bow releases for accuracy so that the shot doesn’t miss.

It is a good Idea to do this several times throughout the year. Some reasons why are; trees and grasses grow, tree branches and even whole trees can fall from a wind storm, it keeps you and your bow in tune, it lets you see how loud your bow is. You don’t want to wait till the night before the season, or worse yet the day of the season and fined out that you won’t get that shoot you’ve been waiting for. Your bow as you drew it back made an evil hissing sound and spooked the deer.

The white tail deer hunting is excellent. You still want to do your homework to get that good grade. Sorry an analogy I use with my kids to keep them doing there homework. Even though that sounds a little funny you really need to; scout your hunting grounds for the best possible stand, keep your self and bow in tune, and enjoy all that nature has to offer you.

Cher as Catwoman and How She Showed Unique Acting Ability Already on “Sonny & Cher” in the 1970s

Even if you were a little tyke in the mid-1970s as I was, you still probably remember watching “The Sonny Cher Comedy Hour” through three-quarters of that decade. It was one of the first shows I remember watching when already a year old and continued to watch it weekly with my family until it finally left the air in 1977 so Cher could ascend to superstardom and Sonny could become U.S. Senator from California (with career-lowering forays to “Fantasy Island” beforehand). One thing I remember my parents always agreeing on when watching those goofy sketches on the show was that Cher was a good actress; a really good actress. In fact, she was obviously too good to be playing stupid characters on a comedy variety show with her and her husband’s name on it.

While you can buy the old episodes of Sonny and Cher’s variety show on DVD now, it’s too bad they disappeared from the airwaves of TV Land who showed reruns of the show for a long time during the ‘90s and early 2000s. It somehow disappeared from that network to make way for the reality show era of TV Land and renaming themselves “Hi, I’m George Foreman!” Land. Now a new generation who may be seeing Cher playing an older Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to “The Dark Knight” in another year needs to see Cher’s early work on TV to see the kind of natural talent she had from the get-go.

Of course, if you manage to see reruns of the old variety show (the last variety show produced to date for the most part), you’ll notice that Sonny Bono was very much in control of the show and tried to put himself in the leads of sketches that fell flat without Cher’s input. Then again, it seemed to be done that way intentionally so Cher could put Sonny down as a way to show self-deprecation that Sonny wasn’t a comedian or really good at anything other than being personable and writing simple pop songs with good hooks.

It’s no wonder then that Cher, once she divorced Sonny in 1974, briefly had her own solo show called “Cher” on ABC for one season before she and Sonny reunited as just a working team for one more season of “Sonny and Cher” back on CBS where the first variety show aired successfully for several seasons prior. By that time, you could clearly see that Cher’s talent was exploding and made Sonny look like he wasn’t needed anymore.

All you need to see are some of those famous sketches Cher played in regularly to see how she could embody a character and make it her own. One character she used to play in a recurring sketch was a small-town hairdresser that could have made an interesting independent film on its own thanks to Cher making her creation funny, yet still interesting. You wouldn’t even know it was Cher in a wig and glasses (while doing the obligatory smacking of gum as all hairdressers used to do) as she delivered lines that weren’t really all that funny, yet delivered in a way that made you pay attention.


It’s ironic that Christopher Nolan, who is adamant about getting Cher for Catwoman in his “Dark Knight” follow-up, mentioned Cher playing Catwoman as a vamp. If you remember the earliest days of “Sonny Cher”, you’ll remember Cher doing a recurring and popular musical number called “V-A-M-P” with her sitting on top of an upright piano and warbling away as Sonny accompanies. Cher sang a catchy vaudevillian theme song under the same name while dressed as…well, a sexy vamp with a feather boa wrapped around her. That was one of the highlight musical numbers of the show each week that gave Cher a chance to not only show her singing chops but also her acting ability all at the same time breathtaking, that she learned from local acting programs. And those 30-second jokes thrown periodically in-between the theme song proved she could deliver the corniest of lines and make them work.

When people saw that Nolan wanted Cher to play Catwoman as a vamp, I’m sure there were some who thought back to that famous musical sketch on her variety show and placed the connective strings.

It’s ironic, though, that Cher is old enough now to play a vamp. And having this role will probably get her acting career back into order after an extended hiatus from the movies for reasons that are only assumed. Apparently Cher made a fortune at real estate and made some bad movies after “Moonstruck”–hence perhaps putting a dent in her acting career that could have merited more Oscar noms had she tried a little harder. At least she became financially stable enough where she didn’t have to be forced into taking bad movie roles and could allow time to refresh herself in newer projects.

For those who’ve never seen the old “Sonny Cher” variety show from the ‘70s, I’d recommend giving it a watch on DVD before you see Cher play Catwoman in another year. The show will seem like a completely different galaxy compared to the prestige of playing a major role in a major superhero franchise today. Nevertheless, you’ll have a chance to see the foundations of Cher’s acting talent and where she honed her natural gifts to make any character compelling.

I think it’s perfectly safe to say that she’s always been a much better actress than a singer, despite her chart hits seeming to prove otherwise…

Choosing Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders – Important Things that You Need to Consider

For some people, the feeling of feeding birds in your yard or in your garden is spectacular. With those cute birds surrounding the outer part of your house and the refreshing sound they create especially in the morning, birds feeding is also an entertaining activity to do. However, birds feeding is not all about fun and joy, there are a few challenges that you will encounter in doing so. One of those is the annoying and wild squirrel getting into the birds feeder to get goodies in the your birds feeder. Also, in every season, the food of the bird that stays a while on the floor can easily be contaminated from the waste of other animals, mold, dampness, bacteria and even lawn chemicals. Surely, these scenarios may seem no big deal but over time, you will find them very annoying and disgusting. But the good news is, there is a way on how you can get rid of these little problems. This is now when choosing the right bird feeder comes into the picture. Ideally, a bird feeder that is squirrel proof is the best option. But the question is, ‘how do you choose a durable and reliable squirrel proof bird feeder’? To help you answer that question, this article will go through some of the important things that you need to ensure and consider to have a successful selection.

One of the first things that you need to take into consideration is the quality of materials used in making bird feeder. When it comes to the pole, it is advisable to choose a copper made one instead of metal or plastic. This is because squirrels can easily climb such materials. Another thing that you also have to consider is the appearance of the cage. There are several designs of bird feeder available in the market. But no matter what design you want, it is important to be thoughtful and mindful about the positioning of the cage or bird feeder itself so you can have a better protection against the resourcefulness and incredible sports ability of squirrels. It is advisable to choose an area that has convenience and where you can easily view or watch the birds. Another important factor to consider is the quality of the cage. Sturdiness is very crucial. Never underestimate the ability of squirrels to scratch and destroy anything that they can chew. So always go for greater materials moving. Choosing a quality cage will also assure you of its long lifespan. Maintenance should also be considered, It is advisable to think about the needed steps to wash your feeder. Always choose a simple cage or bird feeder so you can easily and quickly clean it up. Lastly, when buying a birdfeeder, always make sure that it is squirrel repellent or squirrel proof bird feeder to ensure that you can have a less hassle and convenient view in feeding the birds in your yard.

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