Movies About Love for Valentine’s Day

Love. Poets write about it. Musicians sing about it. Movies display it. It occupies our thoughts, our minds, our hearts, and sometimes even our very souls.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us are once again consumed with that rapturous, thrilling, blissful feeling and all that it promises. Some of us are planning romantic dinners by candlelight. Others are picturing bubble baths with rose petals, champagne, and our significant.

A few people, like me, are planning a quiet evening at home with a hopelessly romantic movie. But which movie to choose is definitely the question. As you look for different websites where you can watch your favorite full movies online with your loved one, you can try out this link here. There you get some of the most amazing HD movies that will surely make your Valentine more romantic. 

There are, of course, the old standbys that everyone associates with love like Romeo and Juliet, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, or Gone With the Wind. But it could be fun to try something a bit different; love with a twist, if you will. Here are my recommendations for something different but every bit as romantic:

The Notebook is one of my favorite modern-day love stories. It stars Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Gena Rowlands, and James Garner. Beginning in modern-day, the story opens with Garner visiting with his ladylove (Rowlands) in a health care facility.

Before long, it becomes clear that she suffers from Alzheimer’s. Determined to hang on to her heart, Garner visits every day to tell her the same story over and over again; a story that the audience soon finds has a very special meaning.

This stunning film will make you laugh, cry, scream, and sigh. I guarantee it will stir up the embers of love, leaving no one untouched by its beauty.

Those who want something more than a sappy love story might give Romancing the Stone a try. This hilarious romp of a film stars a younger Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner at the height of her career. It also features one of Danny DeVito’s funniest performances to date.

A bit of adventure with a mystery thrown in and a love story that is both fun and slightly unconventional, make this a movie worth watching again and again.

Those who like a touch of fantasy with their love story will find that Ladyhawke is a perfect choice. The film, about star-crossed lovers cursed by an evil magician to never again meet until a night resides within a day, is both wide-sweeping and romantic.

Matthew Broderick’s turn as the humorous con man who tries to reunite the lovers is both sweet and amusing. Michele Pfeiffer never looked more beautiful and Rutger Hauer never played a more unforgettable leading man.

While she is better known for her role in Pretty Woman, I still believe that one of Julia Robert’s most compelling love stories is Notting Hill. Although I firmly believe the former is by far her best film, the latter also has a great deal to offer. Co-starring Hugh Grant, Notting Hill offered the audience a peek into the lives of an American star who simply wanted the same thing that every woman wants – – to be loved.

With an English cast that keeps the audience in stitches from beginning to end, this lovely treasure of a movie reaches people on a lot of different levels. It shows that love can come from anywhere at any time. Most of all, it can come from where we least expect it.

One of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies is While You Were Sleeping. Although the critics panned the film, I thought that Bullock really expressed the loneliness that life can sometimes dole out. I also loved the fact that the love she ultimately found wasn’t just the romantic kind, but also the love of family.

Poignant, sweet, and altogether uplifting, “While You Were Sleeping” has something more to offer than a traditional love story, making it well worth another look-see on Valentine’s Day. Both Bullock and her leading man, Bill Pullman, are utterly charming.

Another of my very favorite love stories is The Lake House. It stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock as two people who meet by letter and fall in love only to find out that they are separated by time.

Whether it is the slight touch of fantasy that makes the story so wonderful or the natural way that Bullock and Reeves interact with each other, this film scores on multiple cylinders. It will make you believe, once again, in the sheer power of love.

Those who like a little music with their love can’t go wrong with Dirty Dancing. After 20 years, the film still has a strong following that continues to keep the faces of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze alive in the minds of moviegoers. Even the movie’s corniest line “nobody puts Baby in the corner,” is well known by members of virtually every generation between the ‘80s and today.

The movie about forbidden love, set in the age just before free love became the norm, continues to resonate even today. It also doesn’t hurt that it features dancing, which today’s era has embraced with all of its beings. Great performances and a wonderful score make Dirty Dancing a perfect film to watch almost anytime at all.

The city of Angels is hardly Meg Ryan’s most romantic film. Most people point to When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle for that honor. However, this little film approaches love from a different point of view – – a selfless one.

Nicholas Cage co-stars as an angel who falls for one of his charges (Ryan) and decides to literally take the fall for love. While the film doesn’t have the happy ending we might all wish for, it does make some very valid points about the importance of risking it all for love.

Another movie classic, Heaven Can Wait, stars heartthrob Warren Beatty during his heyday. It co-stars Julie Christie before she had receded from the Hollywood scene for a while.

Another unconventional love story, this one deals with an athlete who is mistakenly taken before his time. Brought back in another man’s body, the hero meets and falls in love with someone his body’s previous owner had mistreated.

After spending time building up his new body so he could compete once again, and after correcting the wrongdoing of his predecessor, the poor athlete is once again transferred into another body. Can he make love happen one more time? To find out, you’ll have to check out this delightful film.

Lovers of old movies will appreciate The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. The story is sort of self-explanatory. It features a mortal woman, played in the ’47 film by Gene Tierney, and the ghost of a seaman, played by Rex Harrison.”

Mrs. Muir moves into the seaman’s cottage only to discover that he hasn’t yet chosen to move on. This movie really defined the idea of star-crossed lovers who could never be together. Yet its humor and heart still touch a chord in those who watch it today. Most of all, it makes us all remember why we fell in love in the first place.

While these are by no means the best movies about love or the most conventional love stories, they certainly should be easier to find than those that everyone will be searching for come to Valentine’s Day. Most of all, however, they are well worth the trouble to explore. I can almost guarantee that you’ll have Valentine’s Day to remember.

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