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Miele S251 Plus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you are the type who likes to spend money indiscriminately with no thought as to the quality or durability of the product you are spending it on then the Miele S251 Plus is not the vacuum cleaner for you. A marvel of German engineering, the S251 Plus is too good a product to be just another purchase – another notch on your credit card. In all seriousness, the Miele name has come to stand for quality construction and powerful performance. The S251 is no exception. 1200 watts of power increase the airflow to 118 cubic feet per minute. This makes child’s play of removing dirt and debris from your carpets. Maneuverable and astonishingly light, it has quickly become, in the eyes of my wife, the smarted decision I have made in a long, long time.

The motor-driven Power Brush deep cleans carpets, yet also performs well on bare floors. A smooth floor brush is perfect for sweeping hardwood and tile floors. Its soft bristle design aids cleaning and prevents scratching your floors. I was surprised to discover (after a few months of use) that the S251 Plus is one of Miele’s more basic models. I honestly can’t imagine needing anything above and beyond this fine model, but apparently Miele makes quite a few with more bells and whistles. I prefer the simple satisfaction that is my S251. Its three wheels (as well as the hose) swivel 360 degrees, making it the most maneuverable vacuum I have ever owned. I tell you, nothing is as frustrating as trying to get one of those upright vacuums under certain pieces of furniture.

The S251 Plus comes with a crevice tool for cleaning pesky corners and an upholstery tool for cleaning sofas and drapes. Both tools store away in a special compartment built into the Plus. A dusting brush is also included for baseboards (How do they get so dusty so fast?) and other dusting needs. It comes with a 7-year warranty for its suction motor. That’s a much better warranty than most of its competitors offer.

In a world of heavy uprights, the S251 Plus is a lightweight easy-to-us canister option that makes vacuuming an almost pleasurable experience. The ability to manually vary the suction power is a nice touch, and with 1200 watts at its disposal, this little Miele has incredible suction.

A lightweight aspirapolvere senza sacco is all that one would ask for because cleaning the house is an uphill task that only a maid or housewife can understand and Miele is a brand that most people would love to have in their house for vacuum cleaners of such caliber are hard to find these days despite getting stiff competition from all sides.

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