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Light Weights Should Women Lift Light Weights Or Go Heavy

Most women love to lift light weights. The idea of heavyweight training turns off many women because they are under the false impression that this will cause them to gain too much muscle mass and become bulky. However, there should be no fear of bulking up when fat burning is being maximized. Using heavy weights is the fasted and most effective means to achieve a slim and toned body.

When using heavy weights over lightweights, the intensity will be higher, fat loss will be faster and the workouts will be shorter. With a good diet and heavy weight training, you will be able to burn off those unwanted pounds of fat and MyProtein Discount Code 50% Off is also there to make the deal sweeter. Lightweights will only slow down your progress and your metabolism.

Heavyweight training will result in…

  • Fat loss
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Bette sleep
  • Releasing stress.

This idea of using light weights to achieve a toned body is outdated and not effective. Doing hundreds of reps with light weights will be a complete waste of time and you will not see any change in your physique.

Workouts With Light Weights Is Endurance Training

Lifting light weights for many reps is the same thing in my opinion as going for a jog or working out on the elliptical. Both are training methods that emphasize light to moderate resistance as the stimulus for a long duration. In other words, endurance training. Endurance exercises are known to last for hours. And since you are always performing the same movements during an endurance exercise, the body adapts more and respond less (burn fewer calories and builds less muscle).

Hormonal Effect Of Using Light Weights

Besides being an inefficient use of time, using light weights evokes a very different hormonal response than a heavier, more intense type of training.

Using light weights increases the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine, without releasing the fat burning hormones of HGH – human growth hormone, testosterone, and lactic acid. In fact, performing long hours of endurance exercises with light weights day after day will promote muscle breakdown and fat storage. The best way to increase fat burning while toning muscle is to lift heavy weights with high intensity

Why Lifting Heavy Weights Is Better Than Light Weights

By now you understand that lightweights have little to no effect on fat loss and physical change. To increase fat burning during and after a workout, you must break the anaerobic barrier. In order to do this, you must…

Get breathless

  • Feel burning in the muscles (lactic acid) – HGH is released
  • Lift heavy (to the point of muscular failure) – Testosterone is released.
  • Make The Switch From Light Weights To Heavy For Maximum Fat Loss
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