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Light Emitting Diodes- What the Future Holds in Store

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one knows how to switch on the light but right now the entire world is plunged into darkness with the corona virus pandemic and there is little that can be done at the moment.

Currently, the entire nation is under a lockdown and it’s not just one country but the entire world to prevent the disease from spreading further, which it has to a considerable extent.

Life itself is said to be an ocean of joy and sorrow, light and darkness, where both play a significant role in shaping the personality of people and trying to instill values into them, both good and bad, which in turn is up to the person which one he wants to adopt.

Changing Times

The world has come afar in the field of technology and things keep getting better and better where you have new forms to look forward to because it is inevitable for it to happen if you look at it from a general perspective.

When the topic concerns light, it is important to mention about electricity that was discovered by Benjamin Franklin when he was flying his kite in heavy rain with a key attached to it.

He had no idea that he had created history when lightning struck the key and became the electricity that we know today, which has become ordinary in current times but it was a revolution back then.

When there are numerous options today, it becomes all the more important to list out its uses and how they can be used for the changing times because you can’t have better than LED.

Most people normally associate the term LED with current but it is much more than that and let us study about it in detail before going into its important points of its use for different electronic items.


Light Emitting Diode or LED is any particular source that emanates a stream of light whenever coming into contact with electricity and in this case, the semiconductor is full of particular holes designed to give out energy through photons while the light’s color is determined by the energy that the electrons need to cross the gap in the semiconductor.

Its history dates back to 1962 when LED lights were unheard of and the light emanated from the semiconductor was of extremely low intensity, which would seem more like a worn out bulb if needed to be described.

In the early days, people did not have tube lights and had to do with bulbs during nightfall while LED was limited to indicator lamps that were confined to streetlights, which were not considered to be safe for use in homes.

Future of Hydroponics

Today, LED lights have become a norm all around and the lights used in almost every house is an LED product which has a spectrum given off from the sun where leafy plants control the developmental process through blue light.

LED has a lot of advantages but is best put to use for indoor grow lights that are required by the plants as they strengthen the capacity of bulbs to shine more brightly and this will boost the sales for hydroponics in a big way.

Finding the best LED grow light for cheap is quite an easy task if you look it up online where the sources used have an excellent control over heat and nutritional levels of the plants where they require water and heat in equal measure but it should be from an LED light.

People who are experts in the field of plants would know that electrical system cannot be afforded by everyone so they need to look for LED as the solution which is relatively cheaper.

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