Learn Photoshop with These Graphic Designer Photoshop Tips

Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the best ways to learn photoshop as a designer is to learn and know the keyboard shortcuts for manipulation of layers. Creating layers is very crucial when working in Photoshop especially when it is necessary to put dozens of layers. Hence, to help you out, make sure that you can use the keyboard shortcuts so you can make things easier for you. Some of the shortcuts that you should know include (Ctrl + Shift + N) for new layer with dialog box, (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) for new layer without dialog box, (Ctrl + =) to zoom in and (Ctrl + -) to zoom out.

Layer Styling

Another feature of Photoshop that you should also pay attention to is the layer styles. These features are very unique. However, the problem with these elements is that it becomes tiring when you have to add the same layer styles to all icons of the social media. But to make things easier again for you, you may try Photoshop tricks such as the ones available in Adobe Photoshop cs5 and try the fx button. All you have to do is press Alt and drag the fx icon and another layer so you will be able to copy the first layer’s styles to the one you will drag onto. 

Tool Presets

Tool presets are also other elements that you should consider learning in Photoshop. This tool will help you create more quality outputs. However, using these tools can be very time consuming. So to have time in creating a scatter brush from color brush set, make sure to adjust the Tool Preset pallet from Window Tool presets and then click ion your selected choice. This will also help you organize the tool that you are using so you can easily access them when you need them.

Choice of Color

Another important feature that requires your attention is is your choice of color. Usually, most of the designers would launch a color picker, pick the color and look for its hex number. Once you are able to find the hex number, the next step is to click on the color palette in the software then take the right shade. Yes, this process can be irritating. However, with the use of an Eyedropper tool, you can make things easier. With this, you can activate the color then you should click on the Photoshop’s work screen where you want to obtain the color that you need. 

Overall, if you are a designer and just starting to explore photoshop, there are quite some factors that you need to pay attention to. Some of these include the features and elements that you might be needing in making your design. It is also important that you check on some tutorials online. The good thing about Photoshop software is that it always comes with a tutorial and training for both adobe photoshop for mac and windows.

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