It’s Spring in Wisconsin – Time to Start Getting Ready for Bow Deer Season

Spring is the time to start preparing for the up coming archery season. You may be asking yourselves why start in spring we can’t hunt until the fall? That is very true, however if you own or lease the land you hunt you may just want to throw down some clover seed. Or you may want to plant some fruit trees like apple and pear.

With the onset of new and different baiting laws it is getting more complexed on how you can bait deer. However if you own or lease the land you can plant trees and other plants close to your stand. Then when the fruit is ripe you will have the deer coming to you rather then you trying to find them. Or worse yet you just sitting there hoping a deer stumbles by your stand.

I have gone and done my fair share of scouting deer in the spring. You can see where last falls rubs where. You can also find new trail the deer are using. You may even find a clump of trees such as the fruit trees I was talking about planting.

Now that we have a few places we are going to be looking at throughout the rest of spring and summer we need to think about our bow.

Did we have any problems with it? Do we need to get more arrows or broad heads? Do we need a new string because the one we have is frayed? Maybe we just need to get some more practice.

It is a good idea to get up in your tree stand and shoot at different target that are in the normal shooting lanes were we would see the deer coming by are stand.

There is nothing like a good deer hunting to cool things up during summer and no better place than the tree stand to start out because it gives you a good view of everything from that distance but it is important to read a little about good bow releases for accuracy so that the shot doesn’t miss.

It is a good Idea to do this several times throughout the year. Some reasons why are; trees and grasses grow, tree branches and even whole trees can fall from a wind storm, it keeps you and your bow in tune, it lets you see how loud your bow is. You don’t want to wait till the night before the season, or worse yet the day of the season and fined out that you won’t get that shoot you’ve been waiting for. Your bow as you drew it back made an evil hissing sound and spooked the deer.

The white tail deer hunting is excellent. You still want to do your homework to get that good grade. Sorry an analogy I use with my kids to keep them doing there homework. Even though that sounds a little funny you really need to; scout your hunting grounds for the best possible stand, keep your self and bow in tune, and enjoy all that nature has to offer you.

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