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Integrating Foreign Trained Dentists Into America.

ForeignTrainedDentists.Org is a social network which aims to promote integration of international / foreign trained dentists living in America. The current road map for foreign trained dentists to practice in the United States serves as a brick wall. ForeignTrainedDentists.Org calls for foreign dentists and their patients, dental reform organizations, American dentists, politicians, insurance companies, and foreign dental schools to unite in pursuing this cause. Our hopes are to contribute to an American society with so many gaps in dental care that can be fulfilled by fully qualified foreign trained dentists living in America.

IF YOU ARE A FOREIGN TRAINED DENTIST LIVING IN THE U.S. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON YOUR IDEAS FOR HOW WE SHOULD BUILD THIS SITE. I see we’ve already gotten hits from Utah and Maryland. You will be asked a simple math question so we can make sure you are a human commenting and not a Internet Robot :). See this blog for my initial ideas: http://www.cognitivemetaphors.com/foreigntraineddentists. I’ve been talking to a lot of people with a lot of good ideas. I like to do the problem justice by capturing the ideas of everyone in the same situation in a comprehensive, well maintained community website.

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** UPDATE 01/30/2011 – A friend and I will be working on a new feature or standalone site that will be a marketplace for foreign trained dentists living in the United States to find jobs as dental assistants. It’s a practical step towards the reality of having to make a living and at the same time pursuing US requirements that are difficult at best to surmount. Perhaps if we start with this step together, we can bring attention to the riduculousness of the situation. If anyone is interested in being test users, helping with requirements gathering, or doing research on how dental assistants get jobs in different parts of the country, I’d be happy for the help and to take in your inputs. E

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