Imagination Perfumery, the Best Site for Perfume & Fragrances

Before I buy anything from websites, I first look up information on the site, through other customer reviews. I want to know if what I pay for is what I am going to get… if at all.

A lot of online consumers know that just because it is an online site, it does not mean that you are safe from getting scammed out of your money. I have purchased from sites before that ‘claimed’ they sent me my product, yet I never received it. Two months later and credit card disputes, I get my money back. Two months wasted, all over $50.00, it’s a royal pain in the rear.

Perfume is an addiction of mine. When I find something I like, I want to buy it, but I also want to buy it for the lowest price I can manage to find it.

In fact, my addiction to perfumes dates back to my childhood when I wasn’t fond of the strong essence of the flavor as I found it weary in the initial stages but once I got used to it, I simply couldn’t exist without it.

This was how I came across ImaginationPerfumery.com. They not only sell every single dang designer scent I could think up, but they sell it for the low, low prices. In some cases they may not be the lowest price on the net, but they are the best, and here is why.

I placed my order for 2 Dolce  amp; Gabbana Light Blue products. I paid five and change for the lowest shipping option. Standard, which according to the site would take about 7 days.

I got my order on Thursday. 3 days later.

Incredibly fast shipping though is not the only reason I recommend this site. I also recommend it due to it’s checkout system.

Checking out could not of been easier, my Granny could figure it out. I simply checked the item I wanted, hit check out, and was on my way. Literately it took me as long as it took me to type in my address.

Best of all though, the site allows you to punch in promotional codes that you can find by google searching this term: Promotional code for Imagination Perfumery. After that you simply choose which code you want to use. I went with the 10% off of my entire order.


My package was sent using UPS. Although the products I ordered came in plastic tubes, which wouldn’t break in transit, Imagination Perfumery still packaged my items as if they were made with glass. I got a medium sized package filled with styrofoam bubbles to make sure nothing got ruined. I was impressed.

I seriously cannot recommend Imagination Perfumery enough. Super fast shipping, excellent packaging, and quick and easy checkout.

I did not have to return anything, but with a company this fast and easy, I am sure the return process would be a breeze.

One thing I would have liked to of seen though would of been an introductory price for first time customers. Not many sites offer first time customer deals, but it would be nice to let company’s know that it is something on the consumers want lists.

Lush.com for instance packs 2 free samples in with every order you place. I am sure this site would make even more money doing this.


Completely satisfied. Imagination Perfumery is the only online fragrance store I will shop in from now on.

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