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How to Prevent Hip Injuries While Exercising

Exercising is beneficial in maintaining your fitness and health; however it is also one of the major causes of injuries to the human body. Among the frequently occurring injury case is hip injuries. Hip injuries can be caused by force or impact from falling, muscle contraction or twisting and stress injuries. These causes will result to hip dislocation, hip fracture and muscle sprain.

Hip injuries can be prevented by practicing the correct workout habits. The first general rule is to warm up before getting down into action. Warm up should be done for five to ten minutes. This habit will stimulate the oxygen in the blood and increases the blood flow to the working hip muscles thus preventing the possibility of exercise injury. Example of easy warm up is doing the star jump – it is a whole body movement warm up. Secondly, do not exercise strenuously. If you have a target to reach i.e. losing a few inches on your hip area, it is advisable to schedule your workouts to avoid strain unto your hip muscles. Excessive repetitive actions on the same spot can cause the muscle to twist or sprain. It is much recommended to exercise on alternate days, or you can opt to work with a proper gym instructor or trainer if you really desire to achieve the target in shorter time duration.

Stretching the muscles is also one of the ways to avoid injuries. The flexibility of the muscle increases by stretching, and this will enhance your exercising experience. You can stretch your hips by rotating your hips and waist clockwise and counter-clockwise repeatedly. During exercising, always make sure to use the right posture or body form to avoid accidents. For example, do not bend one of your knees for too long while standing/exercising because this can affect the hip joint. Some people can experience acute hip pain due to the hip supporting the unbalance body weight pressure. Change the routine in between the exercise so that the pressure unto the muscles is well distributed and not focused on one part only. Do not entirely focus the exercise (at one time) only on the hips; alternate the exercise to toning the other muscles such as the arm or abdomen. Then you can repeat the hips exercise again.

Make sure that you are wearing the appropriate attire to conduct exercise. Avoid wearing tight sweatpants; this can restrict the movement of muscle thus leading to strain injury. Wear attire that is made from lycra or stretchable material. Choosing the right type of shoe is also very important to prevent hip injuries. The structure of the shoe soles can improve your body structure and allows comfortable workouts. Furthermore, the proper workout shoes can distribute the body weight efficiently, therefore the pressures unto a particular muscles or joints are reduced. Choosing the correct equipment is also imperative to avoid injuries while exercising. Make sure the equipment does not cause too much pressure applied unto the hips, it can absorb shocks, and the equipment must be working well 100%. Finally you must take an extra precaution on yourself. Avoid workout accident such as hard fall since the impact can cause bones to fracture. Be aware of the environment and hazards that can cause accident injury to your hips while exercising. You can get more information from reliable article online about exercising while recovering from injuries. There are several sources where you can get strategies and tips to do exercises well despite your condition so you can reach the finish line of recovery.

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