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How To Lose 10 To 20 Pounds With A Weight Loss Cleanse

One of the biggest concerns many people have today is losing an extra pounds 10-15 pounds. We all know how easy it sounds to lose weight. Take in fewer calories than you burn. The multi-billion dollar weight loss industry is thriving because losing weight is really more difficult than it sounds. You may be asking ‘can I lose weight when dieting has failed’?

Let’s start with why so many people are overweight? Has there been a change in the last twenty years or so? What caused the explosion in obesity? Have people changed that much? Evolution may not work quite that fast, but one thing is for sure: our diet has changed dramatically in the last decade or two. In general, we consume more processed foods loaded with chemicals, preservatives, fillers, and lots of other ingredients that most folks cannot even pronounce. Have you checked the boxes in your pantry lately? Pesticides have helped increase the food supply dramatically, but the fruits and vegetables we eat, even the coffee we drink, are also saturated with pesticides. A weight loss cleanses works to eliminate the toxins we ingest and helps in shedding the extra pounds.

A toxic body may have a difficult time losing weight. The toxins and artificial ingredients we ingest slow the digestive process. Instead of being in our bodies only one or two days, undigested food and fecal matter stay for up to six days. This increased period causes the colon walls to form a mucous covering, called mucoidal plaque, which is a brown, thick covering like paste. As suggested in these Carbofix reviews, all you need to do is add carbofix to your diet in order to get a healthy colon that can boost your metabolism. 

The mucoidal plaque slows the absorption of nutrients into the body. The body detects that it is not getting the nutrients it needs, and craves more fuel, or food. As a protective measure against possible starvation, the body stores fat. This may sound a bit extreme, but your body has self-preservation in mind and if it feels threatened with not getting enough nutrients, fat ‘reserves’ are increased. How can you tell if you have plaque and sludge building up inside? It can be difficult to detect, but common symptoms are undiagnosed illness, belly bulge, sluggishness, constipation, bloating unexplained weight gain, and many more. With time, up to 20 pounds or more of fecal matter and mucoidal plaque can become trapped inside you.

Feeling sluggish makes it hard to begin and stick with an exercise program. In fact, 87% fail to stay on a modest diet and exercise program without additional help. A weight loss cleanses, which removes the mucoidal plaque, built-up fecal matter, and parasites allow your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to get over the sluggish feeling. The result is a rapid loss of extra pounds and increased energy. Suddenly, a healthier diet and a moderate exercise program seem not only possible but desirable. Metabolism increases and the extra pounds melt away. Have you tried diet and exercise programs but still struggle to lose weight? You are not alone and it is not your fault. In fact, there could be a simple solution, something the diet and weight loss industries want to keep from you. They have a financial incentive to keep you fat. That is why you may not have known the cause of your weight gain and what to do about it. Try a weight loss cleanse and you may finally achieve the result you desire.

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