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How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Work Environment

Suffering from a pest infestation in your work environment – or even just dealing with a few – is something you certainly do not want. The best way to reduce the possibility you’ll have to deal with such a situation is to take preventative measures like hiring pinnaclepest.com and give pests less of a reason to come in and wreak havoc.

Promote cleanliness

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but it’s also a great way to deter pests from heading inside. While food scraps and filth aren’t the only reasons certain pests may venture inside, it does substantially increase the appeal of your commercial abode to unwanted visitors.

Set up a system at work that illustrates how you and your employees should deal with scraps, waste, and other material that attracts pests. Also offer incentives for keeping the work environment clean and inform that disciplinary action will be taken on those who don’t keep their office space in a good, clean condition.

Block off entry points & check incoming deliveries

Like with any other property, pests can find their way inside your workplace through small openings such as cracks and gaps. If you identify a potential small entry point that isn’t necessary, block it off – be it with sealant or some type of meshing.

Also keep an eye on the incoming deliveries you may receive, particularly if you’re a restaurant or cafe that orders a lot of food products. Pests are attracted to food and could hitch a ride without anyone knowing. So each time you receive a delivery, check the product and the box it came into to see if there are any signs of pests.

Keep rubbish under control & set up a perimeter

You may promote cleanliness in the workplace, but it’s also important to regularly empty your rubbish and clean your bins. Outside make sure any industrial-sized bins aren’t residing too closely to your premises. If they are they could be attracting pests closer and closer to your work environment.

Also, set up a perimeter. While spraying insecticides in your office can be a bit of an issue in the commercial environment, there’s nothing wrong with using some surface spray outside your premises. Don’t spray it excessively but create a good invisible barrier that will help deter pests if they do get a little too close.

Hire a pest control professional

Regardless of whether your methods are working or not, it’s a good idea to call in a professional pest management service provider to survey your property and assess whether or not you have a pest problem. A pest control professional will be able to help keep pests out of your workplace and significantly reduce any long-running pest issues. At Goode Pest Control, we are an experienced Brisbane-based pest control company that specializes in both commercial and residential pest control.

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