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How to Find Cheap Apartments in Emporia

Name one thing that you find scary. Now name another. I bet neither one of those scary things were trying to find an apartment, were they? That’s what I thought. You would think that finding an apartment in a fairly small town would be an easy task. Everything in the town should be nice with little window boxes full of flowers, new carpet, and working appliances. Wake up from that dream because apartment hunting is a sometimes gruesome task. Have no fear, though, because I’m here to provide you with some pointers when going on the hunt. When searching for apartments you have to look at the prices of rent, along with what utilities are paid by the landlords. Sure you can get an apartment for $250, but that soon turns to $500 after you add in the water, gas, and electric bills. So be wary. With natural gas prices on the rise, many renters are unaware of the amount of money that can be spent on gas alone in the winter months. Emporia is very much a college town. When searching for an apartment, the best times are either a couple of weeks before school begins in the fall or a couple of weeks after school lets out in the spring. Many of the apartment complexes around town offer student specials or discounts if you sign up by a certain date. An easy way to watch out for these specials is by looking in the local paper, The Emporia Gazette. Here, you can find the best deals of apartment and condo like The Landmark Condo. You will also be able to get some of the necessary information that you need for this kind of condo.

You will also be able to find apartments for rent that are not necessarily in a huge complex. I once found an apartment that was right next to a bank, and I only had one neighbor. There is a wide assortment of apartments that can be found here in town. If the paper isn’t giving you the information that you are needing or wanting, try the website www.emporiarentals.com and see if there is something there worth checking into. On this website, you can click on the apartments tab and search for apartments according to bedroom size, cost, and the like. It lists information such as cost of rent, what utilities are paid, size, and many offer pictures of the apartment to look at. On of the best pieces of advice that I could pass on when looking for an apartment in Emporia is to ALWAYS check out the apartment in person before signing the lease. I don’t know how many apartments my current roommate and I looked at that made us feel like the police would knock down the door looking for drug paraphernalia. “Crack apartments” is what we called them. So, no matter what the landlord says, or how well the company is praised, always look at the potential apartment that you are going to rent. Cheap apartments are easy to come by. Livable and cheap apartments aren’t so easy to come by. If you follow the tips and use the resources listed, you can find an apartment that is at least within budget and livable. Good luck with the apartment hunt!

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