Here To Know About Minecraft Speedrunning? – Let’s Begin Then 

Speedrunning competitions of Minecraft games are open for everyone, and these are designed to test the skills of the gamers and see who’s good at various aspects of the game. But the most crucial thing in the speedrunning competition is time, as your actual task is to beat the game in the least time possible and accomplish all the competition tasks.

Speedruns have been so popular, and the live streams of some of these competitions got millions of YouTube views and social media likes and shares. Many top Minecraft players regularly participate in speedruns and present their skills and supremacy over others by defeating other players in the competition. Minecraft java, available for computer devices, has given many speedrunning winners in the past few years. 

Categories Of Speedrun And The Difference Between Each

So, the speedrun competition is again divided into the set seed and random seed categories. If you are not familiar with the term seed in context to Minecraft, you should know that every Minecraft world has a unique code. These codes are called Minecraft world seeds, and these are a combination of simple digits which anyone can use to load the particular world on their system.

  • In a set seed speedrun, all players battle on the same set seed world so that the competition could be fair, and as the set seeds could be studied earlier, they are much faster to end.
  • In the random seed speedruns, all players compete on a random world, and usually, they have no prior knowledge of the map. This way, the competition gets more challenging but more exciting and takes more time for completion.

Suppose it were for not the set seed speedrun or random new seed world. In that case, some players could have had the advantage of playing in an easier world or familiar world and complete the competition faster than others which is ethically unfair.

Tasks Involved In A Speedrun And How Could One Ensure Winning 

If you have some basic knowledge of Minecraft speedruns, you might know that the essential part of the competition is to kill the ender dragon in the least time. But it is not so straightforward to reach the ender dragon and start battling it. You have to accomplish various tasks in the least possible time to get to the ender dragon. Let’s thoroughly see the multiple stages or tasks involved in Minecraft java speedrunning challenges.

  • Firstly, you need to be accepted for the competition by creating a world and submitting your registration at speedrun.com. It also has some specific settings and requirements, so you should check the right way to do it.
  • Once you are in, you should realize that Minecraft is all about tools, and therefore you should start collecting as many as you could. One can create their tools by cutting trees, using stones, etc., so start doing that as soon as possible.
  • Now that you have the tools, you are ready to load the seed and start the actual hunt. Your RNG will take you to a random seed, and once you land into a Minecraft world, it could either be a desert temple or a village.

If you have landed on the desert temple seed, then your task is to dig down and reach the treasure room and collect iron and gold from the chests in the room. Additionally, you can pick anything that you find helpful or valuable for you later in the run.

Once you are in the village seed, your focus should be collecting the hay and converting it into bread which will be your food for the speedrun, and you will require 30 pieces of bread at least for upcoming events. Moreover, you have to take as many beds from the village as you could as they would be used to battle the ender dragon.

  • The next step is to enter the nether portal and collect blaze rods and pearls. The nether portal is created with water and lava.
  • Once inside the portal, search for a fortress and kill the blazes for seven or more blaze rods.

This way, continue the journey to collect pearls, get out of the portal, find the dragon and kill it to win the game. You can repeat this journey with a new world each time unless you beat the high score.

All Speedruns Of Minecraft Are Glitchless And Bugs Free 

Glitches have been common in the gaming world, and almost every game had one or more types of bugs that caused glitches at a particular instant. And, it happened with Minecraft as well, in which there was a glitch because of which a player would skip past the ender dragon without battling and shave off several minutes of the time. But now, you will find no such glitch in the game, and the speedruns are glitchless.

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