Halloween Gag Delicacy: Fried or Grilled Feces Stick

Make someone this Halloween cringe by frying or grilling up feces sticks and offering it to them playing it through by eating one yourself.

Fooling someone starts with building a good set up. The person needs to feel that you really are cooking feces. You can do this in many ways. If you want someone to think you are cooking dog feces you could lay paper on the ground and sprinkle some black pepper and brown sugar going on and off the paper like if put there by a dirty paw. Later you’ll want to scatter a few pieces of feces on it to make it look like you are picking them up to cook.

Another easy quick way to do the set up is to sit out a kitty litter box near where you will be cooking and fill it with kitty litter. As an excuse to disguise why there is no feces smell. In this way the person can see that it at least looks like the litter is absorbing the smell. In laying out feces on paper, as in the first set up, if there is no smell it may give the gag away.

Make the feces from ground beef. Ground beef can be mashed and shaped into oblong different sizes of feces but it won’t look the color. Soak or dip the beef in soy, Worchester or any sauce that looks the color that feces would be.

Stick pieces of corn, red, bell or other favorite peppers and cooked cabbage into the ground beef for a blend of ingredients that got eaten and partially digested as they incorporated their way into the mixture.

Place a piece or two of feces on the ledge of the kitty litter box. You won’t want to expose the litter to the feces, get any on it, if you are going to eat it. You might even place feces on top of the box if it’s covered. For an even more dramatic effect add a drop or two of edible fake blood to the feces. Drip the fake blood on top. A login at the official page of the fryer will provide enormous benefits of cooking food to the person. The cooking will be done as per the convenience to the chef without any problem. The rankings of the products will be availed through This Page. The purchase will meet all the requirements and wants in cooking of the meal. 

Have several feces sticks sitting on a rack or plate so that they can be fried if you are frying them in a skillet or fryer. Wait till your victims come into the room and see the spread before you fry one. If you are grilling the feces, stick a few on skewers to sit on the grill or grill them like you would a hamburger patty. Wait for your victims before you start cooking then offer them one to eat when they are done.

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