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Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing

There are several reasons why affiliate marketing is an excellent method for generating a lot of income and while I’m not going to cover all of the reasons or even all of the methods that you can use to promote your affiliate programs, I’m going to show you a method that I have used to find quite a bit of success with not only affiliate marketing, but referral marketing, direct marketing, and network marketing just to name a few.

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The way I like to generate income with affiliate marketing is by using a blog.

Why a Blog?

Here’s the deal.

When you use a blog to market one product what you are really doing is setting up a niche “market” or “store” of sorts. For example, if I am promoting products within a specific niche like food allergies, then I can set up a blog for that specific niche and market multiple products using that blog as my main platform AND I am promoting and branding myself as an expert along the way.

Branding? Yep, branding.

You have to understand first that you are not going to make a ton of money overnight – not when you are first coming online – just doesn’t happen.

Second, if you realize that your blog is your “store” or “business” in cyberspace now you can see that by creating this blog and promoting this blog over months and months, or even years, you will be developing your own product, your own identity online that you can continue to promote even when your latest and greatest product has long since vanished from the market.

If you get out there and push YOU rather than push some really cool “today” product then all of your efforts will be preserved in your blog.

That is to say that what you work on today will not be wasted later on when you are promoting a completely different product, service or opportunity. All of the articles and posts that you have created will still be relevant to your online business efforts. Yea!

With that point made (at least I hope so) how do you generate income with affiliate marketing using a blog.

Steps to Generate Income with Affiliate Marketing

Simple – I’ll go step by step here:

Find a niche – A lot of times this can be the easy part. For me, I never knew what I wanted to do so it wasn’t that easy, but if there is a hobby you are interested in, a cause that you have a passion for then you can generally find some product or opportunity associated with it. The main point is to find something YOU are interested in – makes it a bit easier to write articles and create videos around something you have an interest in. Keyword Research – Conduct your keyword research and find key phrases that are associated with your niche. You can develop content around these key phrases. You can also use this research to find an exact match domain that you can use to set up your blog. Unique URL & Hosting Account – Now a lot of folks are going to tell you that you do not have to have your own website or blog to make money with affiliate marketing and they are right, but…I’m more interested in creating an online presence and therefore I will always tell people you need your own website, you need a blog. Before you set up a blog, you should get that unique domain name I was talking about. Yes, I know, you can get a free blog, but I’m going to tell you not to. Invest a whopping twenty bucks and get your own name with a hosting account. This will be a blessing a few months down the road. Set up a Blog – With the current status of the Google algorithms, I suggest that you create a blog. Blogs are very flexible platforms and pretty simple for you to set up. If you get a WordPress blog, there are several plugins that you can download for free that will help you with SEO and that’s a big plus for novice marketers and experienced marketers alike. Promote with Social Media – Right now Google loves social media, tomorrow they may not. With that said, promote your content on facebook, twitter and linkedin as well as all of the other social media sites out there that you can get involved with. Make sure that you also are posting your content (sharing your content) on Google+.

Learning to generate income with affiliate marketing is like creating an income for just about anything else. Your focus, as always, needs to be about promoting your content as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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