Four Reasons Why Music Album Sales Are Down

Over the years many music artists have seen a decrease in their album sales and the number of tickets that are sold at their concerts. Some artists that have came out with an album in the past seven years have quickly become one hit wonders because they were not popular enough to have a successful career. Some singers that use to be popular during the 90’s and the early part of the 21st century are struggling to have their songs played on the radio. This has caused many of them to become an independent artist or start their recording company so they can have more control over their career. The decreases in album sales are causing many people in the recording industry to wonder what could be causing the problem. Many people in the recording industry are blaming illegal music downloads for causing the decline. But there are other reasons why album sales are down.

The first reason album sales are down is because many albums that are coming out only have two or three good songs. When customers buy an album many of them become very unsatisfied with it and feel like they have wasted their money. After a customer becomes unhappy with an album, many of them will choose to download music legally or illegally instead. Music artist and record executive are very unhappy about the increase in illegal music downloads. No matter how artists feel about music downloads customers will continue to buy less CDs if artists continue to put out mediocre albums that are a waste of money. There will be no wastage of time while making the purchase of play beatz. The rankings and feedback should be in the notice of the person. The music artists will not provide an illegal music to the person. The download of the music will be as per the interest of the person. 

The second reason album sales have decreased is because many music artists today are bad singers. Several artists that are bad singers are receiving record deals more than they did in the past. Years ago it seemed as if the recording industry had higher standards for the type of artist that could get a record deal. But today the recording industry gives almost anyone that is pretty and can dance a little bit a record deal.

The third reason album sales are low is because many singers today are bad live performers. Several artists sound very good on their albums but their live performance is usually off-key and sounds worse than the recorded version.

The final reason is that many customers believe the music being made today isn’t worth the cost of the album and they would rather download a few songs instead of the whole album. Many artists today are putting less effort into making good quality songs. Some music artists are always rushing to put out their next album. It only takes a few months for some of them to complete an entire album. When artists put out a low quality album it reflects in the low album sales many of them are complaining about.

If every artist in the recording industry that is complaining about album sales took the time to make better quality music, they might begin to see their sells increase. But if they continue to make low quality music they shouldn’t be surprised to see a decrease in their album sales.

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