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Five Ways to Add Vitamins to Your Diet

Getting more vitamins and minerals in your diet is important for optimal health. Most Americans don’t get enough vitamins in their diet and this can lead to poor health, lack of energy and can actually lead to weight gain too because the body will crave more food trying to get the nutrition it is missing. My nutritionist and doctor wouldn’t let me take a multivitamin supplement because the vitamins weren’t natural and some of them could interfere with medication I took.

So we had to learn better ways to increase vitamins intake in my diet for better nutrition without having to take supplements. Together, we developed a vitamin heavy, vitamin rich diet designed for optimal health benefits without overeating.

Here are five of the ways we used to develop a diet plan to increase vitamin intake.

#1 Eat Raw or Steamed Fresh Vegetables to Increase Vitamin Intake

Canned vegetables are often cooked, boiled down, preservatives added and then they are stuffed into a can where they sit for who knows how long before you then cook them on your stovetop or microwave. All that cooking and preserving reducing the amount of vitamins and nutrition the body derives from vegetables.

Raw vegetables are best for vitamin intake, and steamed vegetables come in a close second. In fact, you can steam vegetables with a light canola or olive oil for a little flavor and added good oils to your diet, making vitamin absorption by the body even easier, while ensure the best flavor of your vegetables.

#2 Eat Fresh Fruit to Increase Vitamin Intake

I love fruit and my kids do too! In fact, when given the choice between fresh fruit or a fruit salad and a donut, my kids (and I’ve found most kids) will often opt for the fresh fruit. My son will eat any kind of melon, and if you cut and stick a pop stick in a melon slice and freeze it, you have an instant healthy and vitamin rich popsicle.

Keep a few apples and some grapes around the house and when the urge to munch hits you, grab a piece of fruit. You’ll likely get fewer calories and a lot more vitamins and nutrition than snacking on other pre-made snack foods.

#3 Drink Milk to Increase Vitamin Intake

Milk and sunlight are the two very best and most natural sources of vitamin D, not to mention how milk can also add calcium and help with the processing of vitamin K in your body.

#4 Drink 100% Natural Fruit Juice to Increase Vitamin Intake

Sodas and other soft drinks don’t provide much nutrition if any at all, so instead, opt for 100% natural fruit juices to increase vitamins in your diet. Fruit juice is healthy and good for you in moderation and a glass or two per day of a different fruit juice each time will add a good variety of vitamins to your diet. Be sure not to buy fruit punches, and watch out for fruit blends that are only 20-35% fruit juice (many cranberry drinks are really only part fruit juice!).

#5 Drink Vegetable Juice to Increase Vitamin Intake

You might be surprised how good vegetable juice tastes when you juice it yourself. I mentioned in another article of mine how much I love my juicer, and I stand by that. I was amazed how good a little fresh carrot juice tastes, and you can add a dash of radish and celery to it for some spiciness. You can even mix fruit juice with your vegetable juice for more variety and more vitamins in each glass.

These are just five simple ways to incorporate more vitamins into your diet without having to change too much about your lifestyle or eating habits. Of course, if you eat better and fresher and more natural foods along with these five tips, you’ll increase your vitamin intake even more!

Apart from the above points you can also include oil into your daily routine as they contain a lot of vitamins that have been recently classified as an outstanding remedy for increasing your metabolism like omega oil. You just need to research online for omega oil benefits and you will see how things turn out.

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