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Even The Basic Microsoft Word Free Download Has Effective Text Selection Options – Know It Now!

Microsoft Word is a savior without which one cannot think of functioning. Almost everybody uses it. It is capable of creating pristine documents because of its incredible features. You must be using Microsoft word and, this is an assumption that is true for everybody. Whether a clerk or a CEO, Microsoft word is equally beneficial for everyone. 

Whether you have a university assignment, research paper, agreement, etc., it is also MS word that lets you say it all. However, there are things that you might not know about. You must be under the disbelief that you know it all so that you can check it for yourself. Some of the important details about how to select text effectively are given in the article that follows. Every word admirer needs to read it carefully; you cannot miss even a valuable point.

You can have access to word by microsoft word free download. You shall know how to use it effectively so that there is no distance between you and MS word. It’s almost a love story. One cannot do without the other. How much ever you use MS word, there is difficulty in selecting text when you go beyond two pages. You are on the right page; in this article, you shall know some techniques for selecting text.

What do you do when you need to make changes? 

It is a universal truth that humans cannot do everything correctly in the first attempt. Humans make mistakes, so hundreds of things would require changes even after the completion of work. Word is smarter, and it knows that you tend to make mistakes. So, it does not change anything unless you give it a specific command. Specific command, as in you need to select the portion that you need to change. With selecting, there will be no change.

Superb ways of Selecting text-

There are several ways in which word allows you to select text. While making changes, you cannot select the entire file; never try this; you might end up in trouble or working double.

  • It is a simple rule that if you want to select the entire text, then the best way is Ctrl + A. 
  • To select just one word, you need to double-click on it.
  • If you have to select a particular section, the best way is to drag it with a mouse. You need to left-click and drag the mouse to select the text. In the same way, you can unselect by moving back. Word has an automatic system that selects the spaces and the following word simply by dragging.
  • Another way of selecting the entire document is by moving to the left margin and triple-clicking. The first click shall select the adjacent line, the second click shall select the adjacent paragraph, and the third click selects the entire document. The clicks need to be in quick succession.
  • Some people are not comfortable using the mouse while selecting and dragging. So, the word has a solution for you also. All you need to do is, place the cursor on the starting point of the text to select and use the arrow keys.
  • You can also place the cursor on the starting point and press shift + Down Arrow to select a single line.

The performance of MS word is unbeatable, but you tend to skip or forget the basics and so brushing it up is important. The article’s aim was exactly that. You might know this, but you would have long forgotten it. It does not matter until you fall in a soup. And that time, you might regret it. However, the word also has an undo button that is the best savior. Select the text effectively to work effectively.

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