Evaporated Coatings Inc.’s AR Coatings

If you are looking for the best and reliable provider of AR coatings for your lenses or for any application that you are working on, Evaporated Coatings Inc. is the best option for you. Not only they are reputable because of the high-quality coatings that they provide but they also innovate and continue to strive harder in order to further the benefits and functions of AR coatings. So what is AR coating? Basically, AR coating is a kind of coating used or applied to lenses in order to reduce reflection. AR coating also reduces first surface reflection surface boost the transmission through optical surface and improve contrast. Evaporated coatings Inc. is know to be the leader of AR coatings providers. Hence, whatever application or field that you are in, whether it is in optical scheme, astronomy, photography and others. You can choose from the typical design of ECI or you can also request for a customized AR coating that can be very helpful for your lens application or specific window. If you’re uncertain or have no idea on the right design for your application, the team from ECI will help you to specify your coating and identify design for your system.

In ECI, you have wide variety of options. You can choose from low narrow band to extended high performance broadband that are available on all kinds of glass substrates like BaF2, Fused Silica, Ball lenses, Precision Glass Optics, High Stain Glasses, Ultra Thin Wafers, Molded Glass Elements, High Index Glasses, High Expansion, CaF2 and Gradient Index Glass. 

The coating designs from ECI can be optimized for max performance from 200nm, 250nm, wavelength region. As a client, you can specify the range of the length wave that you prefer, substrate index of refraction, polarization requirement, incident medium and the angle of incidence.

When it comes to eyeglasses, there are several benefits that you can get from the AR coatings of ECI. One of those is the clearer and better vision. Since AR coatings on your lens can reduce the reflection, it will allow more light to pass through to your eyes. As a result, you’ll have clearer vision. In addition, AR coatings from ECI also makes the lenses of your eyeglasses nearly invisible. This means that people can see your eyes clearly and you can make eye contact with them even with your glasses on. This is why AR coatings on glasses are very helpful for people who always do public speaking, or those who always need to talk to someone face to face like customer service, sales people, teachers, and others. Another advantage of using AR coatings from ECI is that it can help you to reduce eye strain. This what makes AR coatings helpful for those people who always at the computer or screen for a long period of time. The feeling of eye tiredness can be reduced and avoided using eyeglasses with AR coatings on the lenses. 

That said, always go for a provider of AR coatings that is reputable and reliable like ECI.

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