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Enjoying the Journey: A Guide to Feeling Good While You Lose the Weight

I’m no fan of the plus size section. I love clothes shopping, especially when I’m on the low-end of my yo-yo. My closet has a lovely arrangement of clothing in various sizes. The smaller, non-fitting clothes serve as inspiration. The larger, unflattering attire also motivates me to kick it into gear. The clothes in the middle, the currently fitting wardrobe, makes me realize that, yes, I have a way to go, but also that I’ve made it this far. With the information gained from resurge customer reviews about diet plan, the journey of the person will be excellent for reduction of the fat. Different patients are complaining for the deficiency in services available at the stores for the purchase of the pills. The reputed sellers should focus on the satisfaction of the requirement of the customers. 

Many women decide that they will not flaunt sexy clothing, a fresh hairstyle, pretty fingernails or lacy underwear until they are in their dream size. Ladies, I’m here to tell you, you are setting yourself up for failure. Sure, that beautiful size 4 dress may be hanging in your stuffed to the gills closet on that beautiful golden hanger, but what are you planning to wear until then? Moo moos and house slippers? I think not! Here are a few mood-boosting, figure flattering, flaunt-worthy tips to enjoying the journey to that perfect size:

1) Pamper Yourself Properly:

No, I don’t mean clipping your toenails and combing your hair. Really indulge yourself. Get a hot bubble bath, trim and file your nails, give yourself a mini mani-pedi, lotion-up and do something to that hair!

2) Speaking of hair…

If your locks are laughably limp, find a good hairdresser! Ask your well-groomed friends (or perfect strangers) where they have their hair done. If you find a good stylist, they will amaze you with their sure to shock styles for the less than stick thin woman. Thinking short hair would make me look rounder in the face, I avoided having my hair cut for over six months. When I finally stepped foot in the salon door, and allowed my hair dresser to shorten up my curls, I felt like a new woman! Talk about flattering! Shorter doesn’t necessarily mean rounder. Don’t hide behind your hair

3) Throw Out the Granny Panties:

After my divorce last year, I decided I wanted to feel pretty again. No more pajama pants and ratty T-shirt days; I wanted to look nice even on my days at home. I started by getting rid of my plain and grubby undies, and treated myself to a shopping trip. There are so many pretty, sexy and comfortably cute panties out there! Everything starts with a foundation; Your body is no exception. So throw out those old time-of the-month skivvies, and stock up on sexier undergarments. You’ll thank me for this. Trust me.

4) Don’t Sit Out:

Don’t skip events, parties and holiday gatherings just because you aren’t a size 2. The majority of the world is overweight, and many of those people skip out on the fun stuff, due to self-consciousness. The most attractive people I know are the people who hold their heads up high, and walk tall because they are sure of themselves. It doesn’t matter how thin you are… self-confidence and self-acceptance will actually help you to believe in yourself, and reach your goals. Please don’t become a hermit… your goals will be much less attainable if you don’t surround yourself with fun and positive people.

5) Be Optimistic:

On the way to weight loss success, there will be stumbling blocks. If you wake up each morning with a good attitude, and push yourself toward a healthier, happier lifestyle, it will become habit. When you feel good, you want to continue basking in that. Post positive quotes and affirming messages in your bathroom, bedroom, at work and even on your refrigerator.

6) Start Teeny Tiny:

Set small, obtainable targets for yourself, and add a special incentive to go right along with it. For instance, your first goal may be to walk for 10 minutes every day when you get home from work for one week. Do it, and then reward yourself! Make sure it’s something that motivates you, and doesn’t break your budget. We don’t want to trade one problem in for another.

7) Show it Off:

Don’t hide your body under huge, uncomplimentary clothing. Dress for your body shape. There are all kinds of tips online to doing just that. Also, talk to a salesperson at your favorite clothing store. They will help you to feel good in what you’re wearing. I assure you, they won’t suggest a moo moo OR granny panties.

8) Accessorize:

Last year, I fell in love with long necklaces. I saw so many women wearing them, and when I purchased my first one, I was hooked. I’m very tall, so these necklaces help to make me look longer, and take the emphasis off of my problem parts, such as my less-than-flat belly. Find your favorite accessories and go for it!

9) Don’t Overlook Your Life:

Often when we have gained weight, or are having difficulty losing, there is a reason. Stress may be piling up at a rate you just can’t keep up with, or you may have recently been ill and put on a new medication. Our bodies’ responses have a lot to do with life’s circumstances. Often stress can be reduced by making a subtle change, or weight-loss can resume by talking to your doctor. As they say, life throws curve balls; catch them and move forward.

10) Do Not Strive for Perfection:

No one is perfect. That woman you know with the perfect D-cups and Scarlet O’Hara waist has her problems, too. Be the best you can be. Follow the steps above, and move toward being happier in your current life…. your body will catch up, and you’ll one day have it all.

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