Dog Trouble- Fencing Issues Sorted Out for Better Safety Measures

We all desire a life where we can give adequate time to our family but the work schedule is so gruesome and merciless that it becomes next to impossible to spend quality time with them and if one were to speak about present day situation, the less said the better.

The family also includes our pet as they keep the family together and act as extended family members, which is why their needs have to be taken care of like allotting them their own kennel or underground dog fences so that they too feel belonged amongst humans.

The sad part is that when we talk about family, the pets get neglected most of the times because even though they are very much treated as extended members, they are not counted amongst the group during gatherings or when guests come over to the house.

Man’s Best Friend

While we are on the subject of pets, it is unanimously agreed that dogs are head and shoulders above the rest as they are so loyal and reliable in nature that you are willing to trust them with your life.

There is a big reason why they are called man’s best friend because they too are ferociously passionate about their masters and woe betides those that threaten to harm them.

In essence, while family members might betray you on many occasions like land dispute or family feud, they stay with you through thick and thin and become more than your shadow, which deserts you in the darkness.

Just like human beings, dogs too are very different from one another in terms of temperament and nature depending on their breed but all of them at the end of the day perform their duties to the fullest extent.

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph that the dogs are to be treated as family members, which means that their needs have to be taken care of and fortunately, most families are willing to spend a little extra to cater to the need of their pets as they feel it is their duty to do so.

Dog Fence

As mentioned above, dogs are of various breeds where some are soft and feeble while others are huge and ferocious, which is why they need to be kept within their boundaries.

This is where the dog fence comes into the picture where they get their limits without giving them the feeling that they are being confined to a particular place and they need to know that it is for both their own safety and of others.

A dog fence was developed way back in the 1970s when a traveling salesman called Richard Peck was appalled at the life of stray dogs on the road that constantly got hit by passing vehicles and met with a gruesome end.

It is then that he came up with the idea of a fence that would keep them out of harm’s way and at the same time, he made sure that they wouldn’t get bored within the boundary line as their needs were looked after.

Pros and Cons

While most pet owners are willing to pay an exorbitant price for electric fences, most of them are unaware of the pros and cons that they have and so let us now look at some of them that would help the owners out.


  • While the traditional fences are quite costly, the invisible one is relatively cheaper that can be purchased easily
  • Dogs can see through them easily as the fence won’t obstruct their vision on what lies in front of them
  • The dogs won’t become caged birds as the invisible fence isn’t restricted to a particular space and can not only be spread throughout the property but can also be extended if need be
  • If by the chance the gate is left open, the dogs won’t be able to escape it as the wire is buried deep within the ground and the transmitter attached to their collar would start ringing if they try to get away


  • Just like mobile phones, they need to be charged on a regular basis and wear out quickly if not done so
  • Being electrical, they stop working during a power cut or short circuit
  • If the dog has health issues or is too young, then the fence can have aggravate its condition
  • The dogs need to know where exactly the wire has been buried for which they need adequate training to avoid coming into contact as the shock can be too much to bear
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