Dog Aggression Training Tips

If your dog is acting aggressively towards anyone then this is something that you should not tolerate and be dealt with as soon as the problem becomes apparent. But in order for you to be able to find the right type of dog aggression training for your pet in order to bring the problem under control, one first needs to know what kinds of aggression your dog has.

Below we look at what kinds of aggression a dog may suffer from either as a puppy or as a mature dog. But what is important to remember is that some dogs may only show one kind of aggression whilst others may show several.

It depends on the breed of dogs as there are plenty of them out there that vary in temperament from one another as Labradors are of a different personality compared to a Pomeranian and it doesn’t bode well on my part to go on about them like this so let’s take a look at some important behavioral patterns that dogs experience so that they can be trained accordingly.

  • Dominant –

This kind of aggression occurs in a dog who thinks that they have the status of being the alpha member of the pack and will want to assert themselves more towards others. They will especially assert their dominance if they feel that the interloper is a predator. This kind of aggression more often occurs in male dogs or in particular breeds, and in order for the owner to bring this problem under control they will need to quickly establish themselves as pack leader instead.

  • Fear –

This type of aggression will manifest in your dog when they feel either insecure or frightened by something that they are unsure of. For some dogs, their aggression may manifest when they hear a noise or when they are being approached by someone or something that they feel uncomfortable with. Generally, they will either bark, growl, bare their teeth or snap at what is causing them discomfort. But if left unchecked and the problem allowed to continue, it could result in the animal actually biting someone or attacking another animal.

  • Over Protective/Territorial –

A dog who suffers from this form of aggressive behavior is actually a danger to anyone who they come into contact with. Along with feeling territorial about the place in which they leave, this if left to continue will also become an issue for dog and owner when they are away from the home as well.

  • Possessive –

This type of behavior can turn a loving pet into a real monster and will occur without any prior warning. Normally this kind of behavior occurs in a dog whose owner has allowed them to have their own way and is over something that they consider to be theirs. Such things that may trigger this kind of aggression in a dog is if when playing with them you choose to take away what they have or if you approach them as they eat their food. The only way to prevent this behavior becoming any worse is to immediately react to the situation as soon as you notice it happening.

  • Punishment –

Often this particular type of aggressive behavior will occur in dogs that have been abused by their owners, especially where owners have tried to exert too much dominance over their animal. Normally a dog will not react aggressively towards their owner when being punished, but if an owner punishes the animal too much then over time things can change. One day an owner may suddenly find without any kind of warning their dogs turning on them.

In this article, we have looked at just a few of the kinds of aggressive behavior that dogs may suffer from. It is only once the owner has identified what kind of behavior it is they can then find the right kind of dog aggression training to use. As you will soon find when you search the internet there is plenty of advice and tips on ways of dealing with an aggressive dog.

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