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Do You Want To Use A Flash Drive On Mac? Follow These Tips!

Nowadays, computers have become an integral part of every workplace and have completely replaced papers and documents. Now all the data and information are stored digitally on the computers, which has increased the importance of storage devices such as flash drives. Flash drives are portable storage devices that you can connect to the computer and transfer any file or data from it to the device. It helps you to keep the files safe and create a back up of them and store them in the flash drives.

Adding to it, you cannot carry your computer everywhere so you can transfer the important files in the flash device and carry it anywhere. If you are not in your workplace and you need a print out of a particular document, then it that case too infinitikloud flash drives turn out to be immensely useful. These storage devices are easy to use as you only need to plug in the flash drive in your computer and copy any data from it and paste it in the flash drive. It has removed the need to carry your device or documents along with you as you can store their digital copy in the flash drive and keep it in your pocket if you have a Mac device, then there some tips that you must keep in mind while using a flash drive.

How to use flash drives in Mac devices?

Connect the USB flash drive to the Mac device

If you want to connect your flash drive with Mac, then, first of all, you need to connect the pen drive with the Mac device. There are USB ports on almost all types of Mac devices, and you can easily connect your USB flash drive by inserting it in the USB port on the device. Once you connect the flash drive with the Mac, it will recognize it quickly and will open a window on the screen, which will show all the data and files available in the flash drive. You must ensure that you are inserting it in the right port, and it fits properly in the port.

Scan the USB flash drive for virus

When you are using flash drives, there are some risks of getting viruses, so you must scan the flash drive after connecting it to the Mac. Scanning it will ensure that there is no virus in it, and it will keep your system as well as the files in the flash drive safe. You can scan the flash drive by right-clicking on it and choose the antivirus software installed on your system. Once it is scanned, it is entirely safe to access it.

Open the flash drive and access the files.

Now you can open the flash drive on your Mac by double-clicking on it. The panel on the left side of the Mac shows the list of all connected devices. You can easily choose your flash drive from the list and click on it to access the content inside it. If you want to copy any content, then you simply drag it to your Mac home screen.

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