Camper Rental for Inexpensive Vacation

RV rental is becoming more popular every year for the modern vacationer. RV rental allows the vacationer to travel at their own pace, take their own route, and stop wherever they please. This freedom allows them to see the country as they never have before.

At night you can choose to stay at a State or National Park or one the many private campgrounds which offer amenities like swimming pools, whirlpools, laundry service and family activities. You can rent an RV for an extended vacation or a weekend getaway. RV rental allows the vacationer flexibility and freedom of choice.

The most common type of RV rental is the motor home. The motor home is generally a large vehicle which you drive yourself. These vehicles get poor gas mileage, have high insurance rates and will limit your freedom while camping. The boondocking battery will be the best services for the person. The batteries can be used in various vehicles with more mileage. The insurance of the batteries can be done through the person. The person should have information about the top batteries for the vehicles. A registration can be made at online search engines to know about the functioning of the battery. 

With a motor home once you are set up at your camp site you have no vehicle to take day trips with, sightsee, or go shopping. There are many places without parking spots large enough for motor homes which you will not be able to visit. Some localities have scenic boulevards and roads which restrict motor homes from driving on them so you will miss out on these as well. However, there is a rental option to the large expensive motor home. This option is the pop-up or tent camper.

A pop-up camper is towed behind your own vehicle. You will find the rental fee to be considerably less than renting a motor home. In most instances your auto insurance will cover the liability of towing a pop up camper so there is no need to purchase additional insurance. In addition the modern pop-up camper is designed to be towed by a lighter weight vehicle so you do not need a large truck.

The average SUV or larger minivan can easily and safely tow a pop-up camper. The aerodynamic designs of the pop-up camper eliminate drag which helps you to maximize gas mileage, which is so important in these days of high gas prices. When you are set up at your camp site, your tow vehicle is now available for sight seeing, shopping excursions, and day trips. You can use your camp site as a home base to explore the area in which you have chosen to vacation.

Setting up a pop-up camper is as easy as turning a crank which will raise the roof. You then pull out the beds, attach the supports, fasten the door and the sides. You are now ready for camping. Some models even come with an electric lift system where all you need to do is push a button.

The pop-up camper will provide you with the conveniences of modern RV camping. There are electric lights and 110 outlets. You will have a full kitchen with a dinette table, and off ground sleeping for up to eight people on comfortable mattresses. There will be a solid roof over your head for rainy weather and inside seating. There is a furnace to keep you warm on those chilly nights, and plenty of storage. Many dealers also include a kitchen kit of pots, pans and supplies. All of these plus many more features will be found on a typical pop up camper.

Many rental agencies also have a delivery and set up service. This option will allow the renter with a compact car the opportunity to still enjoy the fun of RV camping. The dealer will bring the camper to your camp site and set it up for you. All you need to do is reserve a campsite and when you arrive the camper will be set up waiting for you on your campsite. When you are finished with your vacation the dealer comes and picks the camper up. This is hassle free camping at its best and an excellent idea for those flying into an area who want to camp and not stay in a motel.

You can find dealers who rent pop-up campers in your area by contacting your local RV dealers. There is also a national clearing house of private owners who are willing to rent their campers. You can find this list at GETRV.COM.

Whether you tow it yourself or have it delivered to your camp site the pop-up camper just may be the perfect answer to your RV rental needs this vacation season. You will experience all of the fun of camping in an RV without the expense and cumbersome drawbacks of renting a large motor home.

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