Bunk Bed Safety Measures: Keep Your Child Safe And Let Them Enjoy A Peaceful Sleep

Majavoodi is one of the best options to keep in your child’s bedroom as it not only enhances the charm of your room but minimizes the space as well so that you can keep more things like a study table, cupboard, and many more things in your bedroom. Earlier, bunk beds were not safe for kids as they may fall from the bed while sleeping. But nowadays, there are a number of improvised safety measures to use in your bunk beds.

Safety measures for metal bunk beds

If your bunk bed is crafted from metal, then it may the chances of getting rust or dent, which is not at all safe for the children. So, make sure that you have a continuous cleaning of your bunk bed so that it can guarantee safety for a longer period of time.

Major safety guidelines include-

  • Do not hang on the guard rails or on the ladder.
  • Avoid playing on the bunk bed.
  • Climb up on the bed through the ladder only.

Set up guard rails on your bunk bed

Guard rails are not present on every bunk bed. And, in some beds, guard rails are not installed incorrectly, which may be risky for the children. So, it is better to install a standard or custom guard rails according to the convenience and safety of your child. Guard rails should be extended 10 cm above the mattress. The vertical spacing between the rails should have a gap of 9 cm in your Majavoodi.

Cross ties

Cross ties help in supporting the mattress as it stands as the proper base of the bed. Cross ties of the bed should be firmly secured because it will help in securing a firm and secure mattress support and prevent from collapsing.

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