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Brush Ology 101 How To Choose Your Makeup Brushes

The right tool for the job makes everything a lot easier. And when it comes to your looks and makeup, it’s even more important to care for your skin with the right tools and products and clothes(that you can buy from clothing wholesalers UK).

In makeup, as in any other aspect, it’s important to use the right tools for the right job. Using brushes rather than fingers can help create that truly glamorous, flawless look, and without transferring bacteria from your hands to your face. And if you remember to clean your brushes once a week, your skin will be even happier.

This is what makeup artist Daniel Sandler recommends to have in your makeup and beauty kit.

The Foundation Brush

There is definitely a huge difference in results when applying your base or foundation with a brush, then with your fingers. And a base brush is very important in achieving that flawless look. If you’re using a liquid foundation go with a synthetic-haired, flat brush; for cream, foundations opt for a natural-haired brush to help you build up coverage without leaving streaky marks.

The Angled Brush

The angled brush is perfect for contouring your pretty face. If you’re using a powder, use a natural bristle, but opt for a synthetic brush if you’re using a cream contour.

The Blush Brush

If you’re using a liquid or cream blusher, go for an angled synthetic brush (egg: Daniel Sandler award-winning Waterbrush), but for powder, blushes choose a natural, full bodied brush with a pointed tip so that you can easily target the color to where you need it.

The Brow Brush

For a good brow, filler looks for an angled brush with really sturdy, synthetic bristles so that you can be really precise when shaping the brows.

The Eyeshadow Brush

You might want to have a couple of eyeshadow brushes in different sizes for more accurate applications. But no matter if you choose to have one or tons of them, look for natural, soft bristles for powder shadows. You can also dampen your brush and mix it with your metallic or shimmer shadows to get a stronger color and cream shadow look.

The Blending Brush

This brush is the secret to many makeup artists’ success. A natural longhaired, super-soft brush, sweeping it back and forth over your lid and crease helps soften the edges of your eyeshadow and help create that sexy smokey look.

The Eyeliner Brush

A fine, pointed liner brush can be used for gel eyeliners and lipsticks alike just look for one with soft synthetic hairs.

These are the recommendations of makeup artist Daniel Sandler. What brushes do you have in your makeup kit?

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