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Bichon Frise- Grooming Your Poodle With a New Look

People are growing quite resentful sitting at home without having much to do due to the ever increasing lockdown all over the world that shows no signs of slowing down and rightfully so as the death toll due to the pandemic keeps increasing.

Many are reminiscing of the time when they would take their pets out for a walk in the evenings during weekends and nothing could give more pleasure to master and pet than having to walk all around the local area and get a breath of fresh air from the confinements of the house.

For now, it is not exactly possible as the federal government has strictly advised the citizens to practice social distancing so as to contain the virus and therefore nothing can be done for now.

Dog Activity

However, now is the perfect time to give your dog a complete makeover when you come to think of it in true sense because it has been a long time and his hair is anyhow becoming rough and unruly that feel more like a wild bush.

It is quite difficult for anyone to groom their dogs with a makeover, especially if it is a Bichon Frise as they are quite delicate and sensitive and would not tolerate it if their precious hair is cut off.

To make things clear, Bichon Frise are an interesting breed that are extremely cute and good natured and many people aspire to have one in their house and I myself can list out many friends who have atleast one Frise in their house right from latter’s childhood.

But, sadly, it is also true that they are quite stubborn and can’t stand the thought of having a bath each day so you can imagine the coaxing and cajoling they would require to be pursued to take a haircut.

Dog tantrums are far worse than their everyday activities that they perform all around the house and so most people are in for a joyride because you are not dealing with a human child but an animal.

Groom Technique

Nevertheless, the above factors don’t mean that you would give up and allow the pet to have his way so let us take a look at some important points on how to give him a proper haircut and this is just about the events that lead to the final lap when the cut is actually given:

  • Bath- Yes, it is difficult but he needs to be bathed so give him a nice and long one so that all the dirt is washed away and care to use a branded shampoo to give the fur a shiny and lustrous feel
  • Once it is done, dry the hair out with a powerful dryer so that the fur is completely water free
  • Next cut and trim his nails so that they won’t hurt anyone because they have a tendency to scratch when angry
  • Now trim underneath both feet so that it looks more like a type of men haircut and the cutting part becomes easy
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