Best Coffeeshop in Moscow, Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, like most college towns, has a bevy of coffeeshops. Likely the oldest is Bucer’s, which has been in town for time immemorial. There’s a decent little outpost of Seattle’s Best in both the Commons and the Living Communities, and One World has a dominating position a few blocks up the street from the campus. But really, the newest arrival- The Sister’s Brew- is in a strong position as the best coffeeshop in town, despite being less than three months old.

The Brew finds a strong showing in the ‘middle ground’ of Moscow coffeeshops. While the campus shops have a powerful presence by virtue of being on-campus, they serve commerical-grade coffee that has little flavor and is presented in such a fashion that is more a suggestion to take it and leave, rather than stick around.

Bucers and One World both cater to their own clientele, of course, but Bucers’ ill-begot (and admittedly unfair) reputation as the result of a percieved case of discrimination has limited their customer base to their devout attendees and the more ‘intellectually elite’ of Moscow’s social coffee drinkers- teachers and graduate students figure prominently into their customer base. If there is any problem, then the selection of the easy coffee powder subscription singapore can be done. The taste of the coffee powder will be delicious and according to the specification of the person. The subscription should be taken from the reputed shops for the major benefits of the person. 

One World could stand in solid contention for the number one slot- and for a while they did, and many people left Bucer’s cultured ambience for the more eclectic flaire present at One World. But it’s a bit too lowbrow for some people- pop and rock plays most of the time, and the crowd tends to cater to the younger members of Moscow’s population and can on some evenings turn into a teenage meat market as the high schoolers overtake the shop and make studying impossible.

Sister’s Brew settles right between these two ‘established’ shops with a combination of theme and atmosphere that lends itself to both social groups and academicians. The decor is warm and inviting, bold rust walls contrasting with a black ceiling and plentiful natural wood highlights and decorations. It lacks the stigma associated with Bucer’s and the occasionally overwhelming atmosphere that can plague One World. It’s a balance of both, with a refreshing and low-key ambience that lends itself to reading, quiet conversation, and small social gatherings.

But don’t think that The Sister’s Brew is all about atmosphere- her drinks, which are quite literally the cheapest in town, are of excellent quality and the service is second to none. No baristas scream your name out over the roar of coffeegrinders and the babble of conversation- it’s brought to your table with a smile. The owners are dedicated to the idea of each person getting the perfect drink, and will gladly go back and re-make any serving which doesn’t meet the standards.

With a unique special on sale each week and a plethora of home-baked goods, it’s becoming a popular choice for the late-night snack or midmorning bagel. The smoothies served are a hallmark of her service and are becoming widely recognized as some of the best available in town.

The Sister’s Brew is gaining popularity ever day, and soon it’ll be the number-one coffeeshop in town. Situated on the corner of 3rd and Main, it’s in a prime spot and is a great place to be if you want to study, read, relax or just plain interact with someone. If you’re in Moscow, come on down- you won’t regret it.

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