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Afk Arena- Venturing Into Deep Waters Of Gaming Field

There comes a time in life when you feel that you were never born in such a cruel, selfish and merciless world where everyone is engaged in constant backbiting and even near and dear ones don’t think twice before stabbing you in the back for their selfish motives.

Life is no doubt one big struggle as you have numerous struggles and challenges thrown at you by destiny but only those that constantly fight against all odds without breaking down emerge victorious in the end and once people understand this simple point, there will be no one that can taste defeat in any format.

The same holds true in the fictional world of mobile games as well where you have to begin at a starting level and then slowly tackle enemies from time to time where you courageously face them without thinking of the results because when you finally taste victory, then you would know that it had been well worth to go through the hard lines of the battle.

Brief Content

AFK Arena is one such action adventure mobile game where you battle it out through a game of cards but in online format where you have heroes and villains in the story where you need to take the gauntlet of warding the bad guys off and establish your supremacy in this field that would remind you of Lords mobile AFK cheats.

The story takes place in Esperia, a mythical kingdom that is found in the Lazio province of Italy but in the fictional world it is divided into two island nations that are inhabited by mythical creatures like dwarves, leprechauns, wild animals and amphibians.

They can also be termed as celestial beings as they have this mythical appearance associated with supernatural elements because most of them do possess this power where they can perform numerous feats that normal human beings cannot even dream of.

The first island has a larger landmass that comprises of the northern region where chapters 1 to 20 take place while the second one encompasses the southern region where you get chapters 21 to 34 and the main goal is to expand the borders as much as possible so that the kingdom continues to flourish through the centuries.

Final Showdown

While the two islands are two different areas, they are divided into 34 regions where each one has a entire chapter that incorporates into the storyline where the heroes have to spread out to look for treasures that can earn them bonus points to proceed through to different levels.

The final showdown is when the good and bad guys come face to face in the battlefield just as your typical action flick where they fight it out to establish dominance over Esperia where both sides also sustain heavy casualties.

The Ancient Ruins that you would find in Chapters 11 and 12 is where you can have access with the god of creation called Honas, who created the entire landmass where Dura and Annith, the god of life and death respectively were born, which is what makes it a sacred place of worship as there are innumerable temples to behold.

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