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Acupressure For Endocrine Glands Related Constipation

In an earlier article, we saw how endocrine glands can be the reason for constipation in many people. As discussed in the article several times constipation could be caused by problems in endocrine glands which caused problems in the ways hormones are secreted. When this happens the apart from constipation we also suffer from several other health problems.

For example in the case of hypothyroid problems we face problems of fat metabolism due to which we may gain weight and also feel lethargic. When we try to cure these problems we will get relief not only from digestive and constipation problems but also from problems and symptoms of the disease.

In this article let us see a few acupressure points which can help in getting rid of diseases related to some of the endocrine glands and in case you do not get relief from constipation after that, there is metrotimes that you should try. Acupressure is an ancient system of healing and it is in a way free of cost as it does not require any medicines. Once you are aware of the points in the body for a particular condition please press those points with the thumb. In case the patient is not able to press it then he or she can take the help of any friend or relative. You should not press the points too hard.

Mentioned below are the points which will provide relief from the endocrine glands related problems.

  • Points to Press

Please refer to the chart above and press the points mentioned for Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Pancreas glands. Press these points for 2 minutes twice a day. Press the points both in the hands and the feet. For feet, you may need to press them a little harder since the skin is harder in the feet as compared to the hands.

Other points are as follows –

Press both sides of the adam’s apple on the throat one inch from the center on both sides.

Press the point which is a pit on the throat which is the center of the collar bone. For more information visit curing thyroid problems with acupressure.

For general information on how acupressure can help you can read the article acupressure points for constipation relief.

  • Additional Tips

Practice this with a relatively empty stomach. Drink around two glasses of warm water and lie down during the points being pressed. After all the points are pressed press the point from Kidneys so that toxins are flushed out. You can find the points related to kidneys in the chart above.

Acupressure is totally harmless and there are no side effects. So you can try it easily at home and usually in a few days you should start seeing the benefits. We have seen many cases where acupressure can give almost immediate relief in different kinds of pain. However, remember that usually the endocrine gland problems are detected at least after a few months of the onset of the disease. In many cases, it is detected after a few years. So it will take some time to heal.

You must have faith and continue to press the points and soon enough you would start seeing positive results which will help you to get rid of the problems which arise when these glands do not work properly.

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